Premium Wet/Dry Loop Mops

These premium loop mops are usable wet and dry, and they deliver the results your clients need to see. They can soak up more water than flat mops when they’re used wet, and they can trap as much dirt as our dusting mops when used dry.

This is just the beginning, though. There are several important benefits to these wholesale mops, including:

  • Color-coded to prevent cross-contamination
  • Quickly change heads without changing frames
  • Less chemicals are used during an average cleaning
  • Less contaminated water entering the sewer system

These loop hook and loop mops also feature a Velcro backing, which makes them usable with our flat mop, scrubbing flat mob, and dust mop.

These janitorial supplies are perfect for wet floor cleaning and dusting applications throughout a facility. Add them to your quote today and stock up on everything you need.

Premium Wet/Dry Loop Mops - Blue, 18"M860018B10 DOZ/CASE18” x 13” x 22”38 lbs764950-00333-6
Premium Wet/Dry Loop Mops - Green, 18"M860018G10 DOZ/CASE18” x 13” x 22”38 lbs764950-00334-3
Premium Wet/Dry Loop Mops - Red, 18"M860018R10 DOZ/CASE18” x 13” x 22”38 lbs764950-00335-0