Caring for your microfiber cloths and mops

If you’ve spent some time researching towels for your business, odds are that you’ve come across several options for irregular or imperfect towels.

A Professional’s Guide to Room Cleaning with Microfiber

My job doesn't end after clients place a wholesale microfiber order. I have been asked by many companies to train their crews on safe and [...]

Switching Gears. Sourcing PPE as well as Wholesale Microfiber.

As the saying goes, when life gives you lemons, source PPE as well as your regular wholesale microfiber and rags. You can't turn on any [...]

Janitorial Supply

Monarch Brands arms JanSan distributors with best-in-class microfiber mops and cloths, wipers,  institutional towels, and specialty textiles.

Commercial Laundry

Monarch Brands provides cleaning systems (microfiber mops, cloths & hardware) and guest towels, bed linens, pool towels and restaurant supplies (bar mops, napkins, aprons etc.) to some of the nation’s biggest laundries.


Monarch Brands provides bar mop terry towels, aprons, napkins, and kitchen towels to commercial laundries who deliver a linen rental service to restaurants and bars. The laundries deliver fresh supplies while picking up, washing, packing, linens every week.

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