Helping to Make Bulk Bar Mops Sustainable.

The wholesale bar mop's green beginnings. The hospitality industry runs on bar mops. Every year, restaurants, bars, and hotels use billions of these cheap absorbent [...]

We want to see you at ISSA!

Connect with Monarch Brands at ISSA Booth 1319 At ISSA Show, you’ll rediscover your entire industry and get up-to-speed on trends in your market. You’ll [...]

Crafting Ideas For Cheesecloth

Decorating with Cheesecloth Grade 10 Cheesecloth is a 20X12 thread count, 100% cotton, which also called an Open-Mesh Cheesecloth. Grade 40 Cheesecloth is a 20X24 [...]

Janitorial Supply

Monarch Brands arms JanSan distributors with best-in-class microfiber mops and cloths, wipers,  institutional towels, and specialty textiles.

Commercial Laundry

Monarch Brands provides cleaning systems (microfiber mops, cloths & hardware) and guest towels, bed linens, pool towels and restaurant supplies (bar mops, napkins, aprons etc.) to some of the nation’s biggest laundries.


Monarch Brands provides bar mop terry towels, aprons, napkins, and kitchen towels to commercial laundries who deliver a linen rental service to restaurants and bars. The laundries deliver fresh supplies while picking up, washing, packing, linens every week.

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