Reduce Quat Binding of Your Wholesale Commercial Microfiber

How can quat binding & cleaning techniques impact the effectiveness of your purchase of wholesale microfiber from Monarch Brands. The rapid spread of COVID-19 has [...]

Do your customers need more cleaning supplies due to COVID-19?

COVID-19 has elevated the need for cleaning supplies and many suppliers are running out of stock or engaging in price-gauging practices. In times of national [...]

Introducing Monarch Brands new line of wholesale gym towels …and every other textile you need to run your club.

Introducing New Wholesale Towels For Clubs. Our 6lb striped bath gym/pool towels are comparably priced to similar towels and punch way above their weight. The [...]

Janitorial Supply

Monarch Brands arms JanSan distributors with best-in-class microfiber mops and cloths, wipers,  institutional towels, and specialty textiles.

Commercial Laundry

Monarch Brands provides cleaning systems (microfiber mops, cloths & hardware) and guest towels, bed linens, pool towels and restaurant supplies (bar mops, napkins, aprons etc.) to some of the nation’s biggest laundries.


Monarch Brands provides bar mop terry towels, aprons, napkins, and kitchen towels to commercial laundries who deliver a linen rental service to restaurants and bars. The laundries deliver fresh supplies while picking up, washing, packing, linens every week.

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