The Power Gym Towel Adds Value for Gyms that Offer Towel Services

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One lucrative amenity that’s become a hallmark of the best gyms is the Towel Service. Gym-goers appreciate the convenience of finding a fresh cotton towel at the front desk as they walk in. It saves them time laundering their own towels and space in their gym bag. The Power Gym Towel from Monarch Brands is leading the charge!

The Power Gym Towel from Monarch Brands is Leading the Charge!

In the competitive fitness and wellness industry, the pursuit of excellence extends beyond state-of-the-art equipment and expert instruction. Today, health clubs must create an immersive environment where every detail, no matter how seemingly small, contributes to the customer experience or bleed clientele and ultimately risk failure.


Offer Soft, Durable Gym Towels to Members

Gym and fitness center buyers look for the best soft, durable wholesale towels at an economical price to compete with other gyms and impress their patrons. Gym towels, like Monacrh Brands’ Power Towels, which can serve as shower and pool towels are ideal because buying a single-style item in a higher quantity guarantees a lower cost per towel.

Make Power Gym Towels Available to Members

Gyms will strategically place terry towels for easy access, usually at the front desk, in locker rooms, or near workout areas. They are neatly folded or stacked to maintain a clean and organized appearance.


Monitor Usage to Establish Quantity Needs

Gym patrons can utilize these towels during their workout sessions for various purposes, including wiping off sweat, covering equipment, or personal use such as drying off after a shower.

Collect and Launder

Staff members regularly collect used gym towels from the bins for laundering. Gym towels undergo thorough cleaning with extra-strength detergents and commercial-grade machines to uphold hygiene standards.

Reduce, reuse, recycle made of fabric

Re-Circulate or Recycle for a Second Life

Clean, folded towels are promptly restocked in designated areas, ensuring a continuous supply for gym patrons. Monarch Brands Power Towels are extra durable to last longer than competitors towels, however, old or worn towels can be removed and recycled into other useful textiles. Our janitorial wiper product line includes a selection of recycled terry towels.

How a Power Towel Service Works

Enhanced Customer Experience

Providing soft and absorbent 100% cotton towels elevates the overall satisfaction of gym patrons, contributing to positive reviews and increased loyalty.

Time-Saving Convenience

Eliminating the need for customers to bring their own towels and manage post-workout laundry streamlines their fitness experience with convenience and ease of access.

Hygiene Maintenance

Regular laundering protocols ensure that gym towels remain clean and bacteria-free, promoting a healthier gym environment and reducing the risk of illness.

Competitive Edge

Offering premium amenities like a Power Gym Towel Service distinguishes gyms from competitors and attracts discerning customers who value attention to detail and comfort.

Whether integrated into membership packages or offered as an optional add-on for an additional fee, a Power Gym Towel Service represents a worthwhile investment for gyms seeking to enhance their offerings and grow their business. Think of Monarch Brands for wholesale gym towels. Want to learn more?

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