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Add Menstrual Care Products to Your Line Now!

Public bathroom checklists focus on cleanliness and supplies. Toilet paper? Check. Seat covers? Check. Paper towels? Check. Soap? Check. But where are the Menstrual Care Products?

These checklists typically ignore an essential item for women – menstrual care products. Let’s consider some statistics from a nationwide survey of women aged 18 to 54 commissioned by the non-profit organization Free the Tampons.

  • 86% of women reported that their periods unexpectedly started when they were out in public without the necessary supplies.
  • 79% of respondents said they had to make a makeshift substitute out of toilet paper or paper towels.
  • 48% said they have used a tampon/pad dispenser in a public restroom to obtain their supplies.
  • Only 8% reported that these dispensers in public restrooms work all the time.

Women deserve better. It’s time to make having reliable and fully stocked menstrual product dispensers a priority in all public restrooms.

When girls and women don’t have easy access to menstrual products, they often improvise supplies or use the period products they have for longer than the recommended time. According to the American Medical Association, this practice can lead to infection, reproductive health conditions, and toxic shock syndrome.

Providing a reliable, easy-to-use dispenser stocked with tampons and pads and an effortless, hygienic way to dispose of these products gives employees, customers, and patrons a sense of security. They know they don’t have to worry when their period starts unexpectedly.

An Overlooked Necessity Leads To Legislation

Making menstrual care products more accessible is gaining global momentum. Scotland led the way by becoming the first government to offer free menstrual products to all students in 2018. In 2020, the Scottish government passed the Period Products Act, which mandated the distribution of menstrual products through councils and education providers.

In addition, the United Kingdom eliminated the 5% value-added tax (VAT) on women’s sanitary products in 2021.

Here in the U.S., more than 30 states and the District of Columbia have passed legislation regarding wider access to menstrual supplies. Many states are now requiring menstrual products to be available in public, middle school, high school, and college restrooms. Some states are extending the legislation to include other public spaces, including government buildings, correctional facilities, and shelters. New Jersey is the latest state to pass legislation requiring schools to provide adequate menstrual products in all bathrooms. to expand their product lines to include menstrual care products.

A Wave of Change Presents Massive Opportunity

Eliminate the guesswork and offer your customers a complete Menstrual Care Program. In partnership with Hospeco Brands, we carry a full selection of menstrual care dispensers, vending products, and sanitary disposal systems. These attractive dispensers are as integral to a well-appointed public restroom as toilet paper, paper towels, and soap.

Our Optimal System is a 1-2-3 system consisting of a choice of dispenser, vended products, and sanitary disposal method.

Menstrual Care Dispensers

Hospeco Brands’ innovative ADA-compliant no-touch or push-button dispensers make menstrual products safe and accessible to all women. Also, offer girls and women these necessary products to accommodate smaller restrooms with the compact Evogen® Mini No-Touch Menstrual Care Product Dispenser (EVNT4 Series). It is just 17.25″ high x 10.75″ wide x 6.5″ deep, yet it has all the same innovative features as its larger cousin.

Vended Menstrual Care Products

The vended products we offer include cardboard applicator tampons, plastic applicator tampons, organic cotton-top maxi pads, and ultra-thin maxi pads.

Sanitary Menstrual Care Disposal Systems

With no sanitary and safe way to dispose of used menstrual products, women have no choice but to wrap them in layers of toilet paper or throw them into the trash unwrapped. Or, even worse, they may flush them down the toilet, which frequently leads to plumbing problems. Provide customers with their choice of sanitary disposal systems, alongside dispensers and vended menstrual products.

The Scensibles® Hygienic Disposal System is one answer to this persistent problem. The Scensibles® system reduces or eliminates unpleasant odors by keeping waste out of view and minimizing custodial staff’s exposure to potentially harmful pathogens and germs. It also helps reduce costly plumbing repairs. The Scensibles® system can be used alone or with existing waste receptacles in bathroom stalls.

Don Sullivan, manager of custodial services for the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, is one of Hospeco’s satisfied customers.

“The Scensibles® System has worked wonderfully for us,” Sullivan said. “It’s one of the best things we’ve done to improve restroom appearance, odor control, and assurance of proper disposal.”

Menstrual care supplies are a necessity, not a luxury. Period.

An opportunity exists to remove the mystery of choosing from so many period products and present your customers with an all-in-one Menstrual Care System.

To add a Menstrual Care Products program to your product line, apply for an account today or contact your Rep at Monarch Brands.


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