Finest Magellan Towel Collection

Our heaviest towel line is also OEKO-TEX certified. This collection was manufactured in a mill to be free from harmful chemicals, and meets all US Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA) requirements. The Magellan wholesale hotel towels have a woven label and are packed in guest-ready cartons.

These towels feature a double dobby chevron border, plush deep ply fibers, and double sewn hems for longevity. They are designed to be very durable, yet very soft, which makes them ideal for hospitality environments. Guests will receive the soft, comfortable experience they expect while hotel managers can keep their costs low. Take a look at our wholesale towels and get a quote today.

Finest Magellan Towel Collection - 13" x 13" (Washcloth)MAG1313-1.525 DOZ/CASE27" x 14" x 18.5"42 lbs764950-81052-1
Finest Magellan Towel Collection - 16" x 30" (Hand Towel)MAG1630-4.510 DOZ/CASE17” x 16” x 30”49 lbs764950-81053-8
Finest Magellan Towel Collection - 22" x 34" (Bath Mat)MAG2234-9.53 DOZ/CASE23” x 14” x 16”33 lbs764950-81054-5
Finest Magellan Towel Collection - 27" x 50" (Bath Towel)MAG2750-143 DOZ/CASE28” x 12” x 21”46.5 lbs764950-81055-2
Finest Magellan Towel Collection - 27" x 54" (Bath Sheet)MAG2754-173 DOZ/CASE28” x 12” x 23.5”55.5 lbs764950-81056-9