Retail Programs: Wholesale Towels, Rags, Microfiber Products, and More

Monarch Brands offers a special retail program that makes it easy for you to get the products you need at a price that fits the budget. When you join the program, you will have access to specialists who will ensure you have everything you need to continually grow and develop your retail business.

We have rug and towel specialists with first-hand mill relationships, and we work closely with department store chains to develop trendy kitchen towels, bath towels, and microfiber products.

Monarch Brands has built up a strong marketing and design department, and we manage a healthy new product development program, so your establishment will always be on the cutting edge with these products. Even our warehouse has evolved to include a sizable pick-and-pack area where we can provide blind drop shipping for national chains. You can also work with our e-commerce department, which has established MAP for every SKU that’s available to be sold online.

Talk to us about developing a retail or e-commerce program today.


Our specialists can help you determine which products will be the most effective for your retail outlet. Whether you’re looking for wholesale towels for the kitchen, mechanic shop, or industrial building, you can find the textiles at Monarch Brands that balance affordability and quality.


What kind of impact will our retail program have on the environment? How do we ethically source all our textiles? Our blog explores these important questions and provides important guides and tips for customers in the industry. Explore these select articles to get started.

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Build Your Retail Program with the Professionals

Monarch Brands is a trusted source for a full range of cleaning products, wholesale towels, bar mops, and more. We consistently provide the highest-quality textiles by working with individually vetted sources from all over the world.

Our partnerships with these manufacturers make it possible to deliver the products you need for your retail program at a cost-effective price point. You can take advantage of our position in the market to stock your shelves with the products that your customers need and the quality your brand is known for.

Get in touch with us today and start putting together a profitable retail program.

Wholesale Towels and More for Your Program

At Monarch Brands, we strive to provide the wholesale products you need with shorter lead times, faster inventory turns, and more frequent deliveries. We have also developed an effective ordering process, supported by the product development and marketing teams.

We repurpose millions of pounds of used textiles annually, and all of it is cut and inspected by hand. We want to make sure your retail efforts are built on the most durable products so you can build your brand on trust and reliability.

Take a look at our selection of products and contact us to learn more about our retail program and how our specialists can help you get started.