Wholesale Towel Goodness.

Beautiful Melange Soft Plush Heathered Cotton Resort Towels.

Our dope-dyed rPET and regenerated cellulose yarn blending process create beautifully soft-to-the-touch yarn in unique color combinations. When you implement a Clear Water Cabana towel program you know, you’re getting a plush oversized go-anywhere cabana towel. You’re also helping to save the planet. Your resort towels don’t contribute to global industrial water pollution. With eight color combinations there’s a wholesale resort towel for every hotel.

Grey Clear Water Cabana Towels
Pink Clear Water Cabana Towels
Peach Clear Water Cabana Towels
Natural Clear Water Cabana Towels
Purple Clear Water Cabana Towels
Lemonade Clear Water Cabana Towels
Green Clear Water Cabana Towels
Blue Clear Water Cabana Towels

Feel Good Doing Good!

Clear Water Eco logo
Zero Waste Water Pollution

The World Bank states that up to 20% of industrial water pollution comes from textile dyeing and treatment. There are 72 toxic chemicals in our water that come solely from textile dyeing, of which 30 cannot be removed by water treatment centers. Our towels use ZERO water in the dying process and therefore, ZERO waste water runs into our oceans.

Bleach & Benzoyl Peroxide Safe

Another benefit of the dying process is that yarn that takes color in a way will not oxidize (whiten) when in contact with harmful chemicals. Look at this time lapse video of our towels vs. our competition’s towels when bleach an equal amount of bleach is applied:

Retail Packed Institutional Towels.

Your guests will love these towels so much that they’ll want to take them home with them. So we packaged them in twos for retail display in your resort shops.

Pink Clear Water Cabana Towel packaging
Peach Clear Water Cabana Towel packaging
Natural Clear Water Cabana Towel packaging
Lilac Clear Water Cabana Towel packaging
Lemonade Clear Water Cabana Towel packaging
Green Clear Water Cabana Towel packaging
Gray Clear Water Cabana Towel packaging
Blue Clear Water Cabana Towel packaging

Author: Andrew Moore
Title: Director of Marketing
Contact: [email protected]


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