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Aston & Arden Resort Towel


Aston & Arden luxury resort towels are perfect for the beach or the pool. These towels are soft and heavy, making them one of the most absorbent options on the market today. Each 600GSM towel is made from 30Double 100% ring spun cotton and have a unique pinstripe design featuring complementary color configurations.

These are oversized towels (35 x 70 inches) and come in classic pinstripe designs. The evergreen color varieties will remain vibrant and chic. Your choices include: Blue/Green, Green/Blue, Green/Navy, Navy/Red, Navy/Yellow, Yellow/Navy.

Aston & Arden striped cabana beach towel make terrific home bath towels, resort towels, premium vacation rental towels, or hotel spa towels. Contact us today to get a quote.

Aston & Arden Resort Towel - Navy/GreyBT-PINSTR-25BGY824” x 14” x 14”20 lbs764950-84045-0
Aston & Arden Resort Towel - Blue/BlueBT-PINSTR-25CBB824” x 14” x 14”20 lbs764950-84047-4
Aston & Arden Resort Towel - Grey/GreenBT-PINSTR-25GYY824” x 14” x 14”20 lbs764950-84049-8
Aston & Arden Resort Towel - Navy/MintBT-PINSTR-25BMN824” x 14” x 14”20 lbs764950-84051-1
Aston & Arden Resort Towel - Blue/GreenBT-PINSTR-25BG824” x 14” x 14”20 lbs764950-83360-5
Aston & Arden Resort Towel - Green/BlueBT-PINSTR-25GB824” x 14” x 14”20 lbs764950-83361-2
Aston & Arden Resort Towel - Grey/NavyBT-PINSTR-25GN824” x 14” x 14”20 lbs764950-83362-9
Aston & Arden Resort Towel - Navy/RedBT-PINSTR-25NR824” x 14” x 14”20 lbs764950-83363-6
Aston & Arden Resort Towel - Navy/YellowBT-PINSTR-25NY824” x 14” x 14”20 lbs764950-83364-3
Aston & Arden Resort Towel - Yellow/NavyBT-PINSTR-25YN824” x 14” x 14”20 lbs764950-83365-0