Makeup Removal Washcloth

Wholesale Makeup Removal Washcloths

Makeup towels have quickly become popular with mainstream hotels because they extend the life of the hotels’ white towels. Guests will typically remove their makeup using any readily available terry cloth, which means that the oily residue will saturate the white terry towels. This residue will then transfer to other white towels in the wash, which could make them look dull and dingy.

If you use a black makeup removal towel however, laundry operators will wash them separately from, which means that your white towels are less likely to become dull over time due to makeup, and any optical blemishes will be hidden by the black towel. A guest makeup washcloth like this can also give the hotel an upscale appearance.

Makeup Removal Washcloth - 11x17, GreyMAKEUP-11X17-GY24 PACKS OF 623” x 14” x 10”21 lbs764950-20263-0
Makeup Removal Washcloth - 13x13, GreyMAKEUP-13X13-GY24 PACKS OF 614” x 14” x 14”21.5 lbs764950-20262-3
Makeup Removal Washcloth - 13x13, BlackMAKEUP-131324 PACKS OF 614” x 14” x 14”21.5 lbs764950-00482-1
Makeup Removal Washcloth - 11x17, BlackMAKEUP-11X1724 PACKS OF 623” x 14” x 10”21 lbs764950-20261-6