Caring for Microfiber Cloths & Mops

How To Care For Microfiber Cloths & Mops

Microfiber is hardy, but also delicate at the same time. On one hand, Microfiber is constructed of refined plastics that will never degrade over time. However, to preserve the life (and usefulness) of your microfiber it is better to wash and dry after use. Otherwise you run the risk of contaminants setting in the cloth. This will hamper future cleaning efforts by clogging the fine cleaning channels and increases the risk of cross contamination. Follow the microfiber care guide below and protect your wholesale microfiber investment.

  • Wash the most soiled microfiber in separate loads. This is most easily done when using a color coordinated system as some tasks are dirtier than others.
  • Do not use fabric softener – it will neutralize the natural dirt magnetizing positive charge of microfiber
  • Wash microfiber only with other microfiber as cotton releases lint that is trapped within the microfibers. Do not use bleach to remove stains or for any other reason. Bleach will decrease the effectiveness and durability of the microfiber product.
  • Keep wash/dry load capacities at 85-90% capacity.
  • Microfiber mops can also be hand washed using warm soapy water.
  • Program commercial laundry washing machines with the cycle below for optimum results. Use more solvent for heavily soiled cloths, never use extreme alkaline, bleach, or fabric softener.
caring for microfiber chart

Microfibers are more susceptible to damage due to heat. Their polyamide material could deform when in contact with hot dryer drums. If you insist on machine-drying, set the temperature to a maximum of 140°F and remove immediately following the dry cycle. Preferred option: Air dry. When drying mops commercial laundries have two options.

  1. Do not dry, add disinfectant during the 80°F rinse cycle then seal mops in a poly bag for transportation.
  2. Pre-load wet-mops with chemical product by placing them in a container with cleaning chemicals. In 30 minutes you will have a saturated wet mop that’s ready to quickly deploy in a soiled area.

Download a PDF version of Microfiber care here: