Wholesale Towel FAQs

What makes an attractive retail consumer towel doesn’t necessarily translate to the wholesale towel market. On our website you will find descriptions like 24×50 8LB 16 single open end 86/14 blend, or 24×50 15LB 20 double ground 16 single pile ring spun, 100% cotton. Both of the these describe a bath towel, which can be a little intimidating if you go it alone. So, whether you’re looking for a no-thrills institutional towel for prison laundries, or a plush towel to pamper spa guests, we’ll help you understand ‘towel speak’.

Wholesale Towel Size

Pay close attention to the size in relation to weight. A 24x48 8lb towel will have a plusher feel than a 24x50 8lb towel. The smaller towel will make the weight up in additional pile.

wholesale towel sizes

Wholesale Towel Weight

Commonly misinterpreted, the weight in pounds refers to the weight per dozen towels, not weight per towel. A dozen is the standard UOM for selling towels. However, pay close attention to the case pack which lets you know the minimum dozen you must purchase in a carton or bale.

wholesale towel weight

Wholesale Towel Thread Construction

The numbers you see associated with cotton production refer to number of threads that make up the yarn. Thread strength is determined by the staple length of cotton. The lower the number, the thicker, harder, and less durable the yarn. Higher quality yarn is made from long-staple fibers which are spun into finer, stronger threads. So, 20 single yarn is half the diameter of 10 single yarn and twice as long. Yarn fibers are doubled for additional strength. 20 double yarn is made with two strands of yarn twisted together to forge a greater tensile strength (much like a suspension bridge cable).

towel threads illustration

Wholesale Towel Yarn Construction

Ring Spun Yarn – Spun on spindles which gives the yarn its high tensile strength. Yarn is twisted uniformly to the core which gives the pile an even optically whiter, softer feel. It is more expensive due to the additional processing steps.

Open End Yarn – Common in institutional towels, open end yarn has a harsher hand feel, lower strength and uneven twist; but is economical, and therefore mass-produced.

towel yarn microscopic

Wholesale Towel Material

Our towels are typically made from one of two constructions.

  • 100% Cotton – Softer, more absorbent, but less durable, 100% cotton towels have a perceived guest cache over blended towels.  100% cotton is the first choice for higher quality towels, and dyed towels as polyester does not take and retain dye evenly.
  • Cotton/Poly Blend – The towel will be built with a polyester ground and cotton pile. There will be no significant loss of softness, and the towel will stand up to around 30 more washes than 100% cotton towels. Another benefit is that blended towels dry quicker.
towel material scale

Wholesale Towel Shipping Options

  • Carton Packed – Smaller quantities of towels packed in cardboard boxes. Some towels may  be used directly out of the carton which saves time and money by eliminating a wash cycle.
  • Bale Packed – Larger quantities of towels compressed into bales by machines are more economical to handle and ship; however, they will need to be washed prior to use.
wholesale towel shipping box