Get Wholesale Industrial Supply & Janitorial Supplies Online

Wholesale industrial supply is our specialty at Monarch Brands. You can find a wide array of high-quality janitorial supplies online at a price that makes it easy to keep your shelves fully stocked. Explore our selection and find the industrial cleaning supplies you need to distribute to your customers.

We got our start in the bulk rag business and were one of the first companies to implement a private label wiper program. We have expanded a lot since those early days, offering several woven rags, retail packed products, bulk microfiber cloths, and mops, as well as all the textiles necessary to keep the wheels of industry turning.

We re-purpose millions of pounds of used textile products annually – items generated from used clothing or discarded institutional textiles – and we cut and inspected them all by hand so you can confidently place your order and get the products that will exceed your expectations.

Ask our industrial supply professionals about developing an MRO program today.


You can get cleaning products and janitorial supplies online so your distribution lines stay open and your customers remain happy. We offer several high-quality products for industrial cleaning that range from microfiber flat wet mops to durable shop towels.


Check out our recent blog posts to discover more about our wholesale industrial supplies and the most effective way to order your products and fulfill your customers’ needs. We provide guidance and tips so you can always get the best deals on the highest-quality products.

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Get Quality Janitorial Supplies Online

At Monarch Brands, we make it easy to find and order the supplies your customers need to maintain the cleanliness of their buildings. Whether they service a single office or multiple spaces across town, these industrial wholesale supplies are a critical part of their business. They rely on you as part of their supply chain, and you can rely on us to source the best products to fill their needs.

We partner with suppliers from all over the globe to keep you stocked with the best products for your customers. Whether you distribute online or to local establishments, these ethically sourced towels, microfiber cloths, and more can make you their most trusted distributor.

An Experienced Wholesale Industrial Supply Company

Monarch Brands has been sourcing textiles and materials for distributors for decades, and we can help you determine exactly what you need to keep your shelves stocked and your customers happy.

We repurpose millions of pounds of used textile products annually for cleaning and janitorial purposes, and every supplier is vetted according to our highest standards.

You can expect shorter lead times, faster inventory turns, and more frequent deliveries when you work with an experienced wholesaler. Contact us today to get a quote on your industrial cleaning supplies.