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6 Great JanSan Resources to Educate Your Customers

Your customers know that they need something, but to do their research they need the right JanSan resources.

When your sales team works with an educated consumer it is easier to determine their needs. Most likely, your customers will walk away from the transaction completely satisfied.

When a customer doesn’t know what they want, your sales team may recommend product after product. They may guide them to various types of towels. They’ll explain the value of microfiber, alert them to new products, and more.

But sometimes it doesn’t matter how much you explain the benefits of a given product. Many customers want to do some research and discover the value on their own. This way, they can come to their own conclusions. For those customers, we recommend sending them these six textile and JanSan resources and tools.

Most Popular JanSan Resources

The Benefits of Microfiber

Microfiber pads and cloths offer several significant benefits for housekeeping and janitorial crews. If your customers ask why they should use a microfiber mop, they can find their answers right here.

A quick read, this article encapsulates all the microfiber benefits in one place, making it an essential educational resource.

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Caring for Microfiber

Have your customers heard that it’s more challenging to take care of microfiber products? Some misinformation has caused them to believe certain things about these janitorial cleaning supplies.

The fact is that microfiber is both durable and delicate, and while we should follow some specific steps to care for microfiber products, it isn’t difficult.

This article details the best practices and guidelines for using and washing a variety of microfiber products.

Microfiber FAQ

If your customers are just getting started, they may have some foundational questions about microfiber but may be hesitant to ask.

Of course, everyone starts somewhere, but if your sales team believes their customers have questions they can’t formulate, this FAQ is one of the best JanSan resources.

Here, your customers can find answers on everything from manufacturing microfiber to the best uses of microfiber products.

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Wholesale Towel FAQ

Your customers likely have many concerns over whether or not they are getting the right wholesale towels, enough towels, paying too much for their towels, or even if the towels they purchase will stand up to regular use throughout the season.

The qualities a person may look for in a single consumer-grade towel may not be the same qualities that make for a good choice when buying in bulk.

The Wholesale Towel FAQ is an excellent textile resource that educates your customers on sizing and towel construction so they know what to buy and why they should buy it. It will also help explain their options so they can get the best towels possible.

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Most Popular JanSan Resources

GSM Calculator

Grams per Square Meter (GSM) is an important characteristic of wholesale towels. GSM is a measurement of how thick the terry is on the towel. If you deal with hotels and other resorts, they may need something in the range of 500 GSM. A spa or luxury hotel, on the other hand, would probably like something a little plusher, probably in the 650 GSM range.

The GSM calculator makes it easy to find the GSM of a textile when the weight and size are the known variables or find the weight of a textile when your only known variables are the GSM and the size.

GSM calculator

Preparing for the New Normal

Over the last year or so, a lot has changed for the JanSan industry. Establishments must go the extra mile (or extra ten miles) to ensure that their spaces are not just clean but entirely disinfected, too.

There will be many more questions about what supplies are the most effective, the techniques that back them up, and the costs for fully equipping their business with the right tools and towels.

This article examines some of the most significant changes, the supplies the janitorial workforce will need, and how you can keep on top of an ever-changing situation.

A Little Education Goes a Long Way

These six resources can be beneficial in the sales process. When your customers are hesitant about their purchases and aren’t sure what they need, how much they need, and if this is the right time to buy, consider introducing them to some of these resources and tools.

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