Preparing for the new normal. New essential supplies for the janitorial workforce.

How do you prepare for the new normal?

2020 has been a year of changes, both large and small. As businesses return to standard practices, there are a few items that we believe you should add to your janitorial supply list for the long-term. Most workplaces have intensified their cleaning and disinfecting procedures since March. However, many locations will need additional products to help keep workplaces sanitary on a long-term basis. Here at Monarch Brands, we’re familiar with the process of determining how best to keep employees safe while maintaining a hygienic workplace. Keeping those needs in mind, we have produced a couple of new items that would be advantageous for any business!

Antimicrobial Treated Microfiber Cloths

Our SilverSureTM antimicrobial treated microfiber cloth is one such item. These cloths are treated with SILVADURTM technology and use silver ions to inhibit bacteria. Available in two sizes and weights, the SilverSure cloths are proven to significantly inhibit bacteria growth, thus preventing odors from remaining in the microfiber cloth. Effective in preventing degradation by microorganisms throughout fifty washes, these microfiber cloths are perfect for both cleaning your area when used with an EPA registered disinfectant cleaning solution. As businesses continue improving their disinfecting processes, SilverSure would be very useful in maintaining sanitary conditions.

Hand Sanitizer

We also developed hand sanitizer this year. Papillon Hand Sanitizer is another bacteria-reducing item made with the CDC recommended 62% Ethyl Alcohol formula featuring aloe extract. Available in three sizes, hand sanitizer is more essential than ever to your business. Easy access to hand sanitizer is also a must for both your customers and your staff. Adding hand sanitizer stations throughout your workplace, and encouraging everyone to use them is an excellent step towards cultivating a safe and hygienic environment.

Personal Protective Equipment

When thinking of safety, don’t forget about PPE equipment! We are now stocking items such as 3-ply masks and face shields. Nitrile powder-free gloves of all sizes will be arriving in our warehouse early next year. Widely used in medical environments, nitrile gloves are puncture-resistant and will protect wearers against most chemicals and infectious agents. As we all continue to think about how to create and maintain a healthy work environment, these PPE items should make their way onto your janitorial supply list.

Here at Monarch Brands, we continue to develop new items that will benefit you! Our goal is to provide your business with all of your janitorial supply needs as you navigate cleanliness in a post-COVID world. As you may already know, we carry a full line of janitorial microfiber products and industrial wiping rags as well.

Author: Lynette Salas
Title: Account Executive
E: [email protected]
P: 215 458 5744 x304


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