TowelZilla™, the ultimate car cloth, trounces the competition featuring a super-thick, plush coral fleece microfiber pile. TowelZilla™ is a super soft car cloth weighing in at a hefty 780 gsm. At 18×30″ and 25×36″, both sizes are big enough to get soaking wet before wringing out, yet perfect for maneuvering confidently with ultimate control. Car lovers can reach every nook and cranny with no fear of accidentally dragging their “too-large” towel on the ground, risking picking up finish-scratching debris. TowelZilla™ is 80% Polyester 20% Polyamide, the same quality construction as our standard microfiber towels. That means it’s as good at cleaning as it is at drying!

Towelzilla - 18" x 30", Grey, 780 GSM, 270 Grams/PiecePLUSH-183012 PACKS OF 321” x 14” x 22”25 lbs764950-01000-6
Towelzilla - 25" x 36", Grey, 780 GSM, 450 Grams/PiecePLUSH-253620 PACK OF 121” x 15” x 19”24 lbs764950-01001-3