Mesh Backed Side Pocket Mop

These mesh-backed side pocket mops provide a snug fit on a range of popular pocket mop frames. The mesh construction dries quicker than traditional canvas pocket mops so they can be ready to get back into service as quickly as possible.

The 18″ mop fits existing pocket mop frames and is a great choice for efficient cleaning.

  • Microfiber “finger loops” have the ability to trap more dirt than standard mops
  • Made with some elasticity for a stretched snug fit so your staff can focus on the dirt, not the mop pad
  • Several colors are available to use with color-coded systems to avoid cross contamination
  • Fewer chemicals are required during cleaning, which is better for the team and for the environment

At Monarch Brands, we strive to deliver the perfect blend of quality and price-point for your company. Request a quote on these mesh-backed wholesale mops today and get the janitorial supplies you need for wet floor cleaning.

Mesh Backed Side Pocket Mop - Blue, 18"M880018B-MB10 DOZ/CASE18” x 14” x 19”38 lbs764950-81098-9
Mesh Backed Side Pocket Mop - Green, 18"M880018G-MB10 DOZ/CASE18” x 14” x 19”38 lbs764950-81099-6
Mesh Backed Side Pocket Mop - Red, 18"M880018R-MB10 DOZ/CASE18” x 14” x 19”38 lbs764950-81100-9