Dusting Wand

These dusting wands are perfect for reaching otherwise inaccessible places and grabbing the dust that likes to hide. The lightweight, thin foam frame is easy to use and helps mitigate operator fatigue. The flexible blade can be bent to a 90-degree angle while in use, and it is ergonomic and effective with both terry and chenille covers.

The right dusting tools are a necessity for a facility’s janitorial supplies. These wands feature a number of benefits, including:

  • Terry covers for hard-to-reach areas such as old vents, intricate decorations, and light fixtures.
  • Chenille covers are ideal for heavy-dust areas such as high ceiling corners and the tops of picture frames.
  • Dust wands can also be attached to light-weight telescopic aluminum poles to reach even the highest spots.
  • Microfiber can be laundered up to 500 times.

Microfiber is made for dusting. It is created through a splitting process that leaves a positive charge in the fibers. Dust has a negative charge, so it is literally attracted to the dusting wands.

Get a quote today on our high-quality dusting wants and get the wholesale microfiber you need at the right price point.

Dusting Wand - Chenille CoverM8200024B26.5" x 24" x 14"37 lbs764950-20217-3
Dusting Wand - Terry CoverM92000622.5" x 16.5" x 12"25 lbs764950-12269-0
Dusting Wand - Duster WandM70008031" x 15" x 9"25 lbs764950-12287-4