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Wholesale Towels and Wipers in Retail Packaging for POS and eCommerce

Over the last several years, Monarch Brands has added more retail packaged JanSan wipers to our lines, many of which have become bestsellers. Are you aware of these lucrative products?

Since 1947, Monarch Brands has been one of the leading suppliers of wholesale rags and industrial wipers, which historically were sold in bulk either by the bale or in large boxes. With the development of smaller retail-ready rags and microfiber cloth cleaning products, we’ve made it simple to add to your line and do business with customers who may not normally cross your path.

Open up your product catalog to customers with different business models with profitable wiping products they can immediately put on the shelves and start selling.

Profitable Retail-Ready Wholesale Janitorial Supplies for eCommerce and Point of Sale Business

Walk-in storefronts and online sellers can pump up sales with the bestselling and profitable Monarch Brands janitorial wipers in retail packaging.

Terry Towel Packs

All-white 100% cotton multipurpose towels come in 10 and 60 count bags. At 14″x17″, these wholesale towels are similar to the bar mop and are just as hard-working.

Utility Terry Towels 50 Pack

Qwick Wick towels are hemmed, optically white, strong, bar mop-style wiping cloths available in popular and convenient 50 Packs.

Assorted Microfiber Rag Bag

The Assorted Microfiber Rag Bag is one of our best sellers. It contains over-runs of multicolored microfiber cloth cleaning products for when pristine white is not necessary — but having a variety of “grime-magnet” cloths is. Assorted microfiber cloths may include glass, suede, terry, or waffle weave for jobs of any kind.

Blue Absorbent Huck Towels

This virgin woven wiping cloth was developed for medical use and is valued for its superior absorbency and low linting properties.

Qwick Wick Bar Mops

Packaged in easy-to-handle 12-pack bags and available in white with five different colors of single-stripe on white and one solid white design for easy color-coded cleaning.

Messy Mechanic Retail Packed Shop Towels

The Messy Mechanic Line is a collection of all-purpose shop towels with a sense of humor.  These red or white, 13″x14″ towels, branded with a comical eye-catching graphic designed to attract automotive buyers, are NOT fooling around! Sturdy low-lint woven towels stand up to the toughest messes for car enthusiasts or hobbyists who are serious about their projects.

Messy Mechanic Group packaged

Drop Cloths

Our drop cloths are constructed from full panels of heavy duck, drill, twill, or similar canvas material with double-needle stitched hems and seams and selvedged edges, making them super tough for rough job sites.

Carton Packed Huck Towels

Colors: blue, white, yellow, orange, pink, hunter green

Our Carton Packed 100% cotton “huck weave” towels are pre-washed and treated for absorbency and colorfastness. They are well-known as OR (operating room) towels. Absorbency and low-lint quality make them ideal for hospitals.

Canvas drop cloth - 10oz 4x15

SmartRags® Microfiber Cloth Dispenser Box

Our innovative SmartRags® boxes come in seven colors for any size color-coded cleaning program. Each box contains 50 12″x12″ pop-up cloths and conveniently fits on a shelf, in a drawer, or on a standard janitorial cart. These all-purpose, wholesale microfiber cleaning cloths are perfect any task.

SmartPads®, the Reusable Microfiber Mop Pad Dispenser Box

Inspired by the smash success of SmartRags, Monarch Brands developed SmartPads® to fulfill a multitude of floor cleaning scenarios. The woven microfiber polyester construction of our SmartPads picks up more dirt than non-woven disposable pads. Available in blue and green to mitigate cross-contamination when reusing mops. Mops fit 18″ commercial mop frames and most home mops. Attractive retail packaging grabs attention for POP sale opportunities.

The SmartPads Reusable Mop Pad Dispenser has been nominated for an ISSA Innovation Award. Be sure to stop by the Monarch Brands booth at the 2021 ISSA show in Las Vegas to see this product in person or click here to view a video of SmartPads in action and learn more.

Make it easy to add retail wipers for customers who can’t buy in bulk or who want to try before they buy in larger quantities.

At Monarch Brands, we strive to be your partner and your go-to supplier for wholesale janitorial supplies that are ready to hit the retail shelves. We employ an in-house team of marketing experts who can help with marketing materials, such as customized sales sheets, and support your online efforts with high-quality professional photographs. We’ve helped numerous businesses get started by adding our products to their online stores.

Another way we can help take your sales to a whole new level is with a private labeling program. Private labeling retail-ready towels, rags, and other supplies is a great way to build your brand and increase customer loyalty. In essence, you take complete control over the product and customize it to your liking. Our marketing team will work with you to make sure your logo and packaging are eye-catching to help boost sales. Should you have any questions or wish to discuss in more detail, feel free to email me at [email protected]


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