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Monarch Brands is known for supplying bulk microfiber cloths, mops, and hardware to Janitorial and Sanitation (JanSan) Distributors. We have the capacity to ship containers of bulk microfiber mops to national distribution centers, truck pallets of bulk rags to regional chains, and blind drop ship a pack of microfiber cloths directly to your customers. Our JanSan lines evolve with the times. For example, in response to COVID-19, we developed lines of non-woven pre-soaked disinfectant wipes and SilverSure antimicrobial treated microfiber cloths. We private label wholesale microfiber cloths for several companies, and can do so for you.


  • Papillon Hand Sanitizer

    Papillon Hand Sanitizer

    Papillon Hand Sanitizer™ is made with the FDA recommended 62% Ethyl Alcohol...

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  • SilverSure Antimicrobial Treated Microfiber Cloths

    SilverSure Antimicrobial Treated Microfiber Cloths

    SilverSure™ cloths use silver ions to eradicate the presence of undesirable bacteria and...

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  • Personal Protective Equipment

    Personal Protective Equipment

    It was only a few months since the Covid-19 crisis became a...

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  • New Mill End Rags - White T-shirt Wipers

    New Mill End Rags – White T-shirt Wipers

    Our mill ends are generated from pre-consumer textile production. We source these...

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  • Absorbent Huck Towel 12 pack

    Absorbent Huck Towel 12 pack

    100% cotton Huck weave towels feature a strong light construction. They are...

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  • SmartRags 50 count


    Each SmartRags® dispenser box contains 50 12”x12” microfiber cloths with precision cut...

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  • 12x12 Microfiber Cloth - 20 gram

    12×12 Microfiber Cloth – 20 gram

    Your budget may be shrinking, but your microfiber shouldn't take the hit....

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  • Shiny Glass Cloth

    Shiny Glass Cloth – 16×16 – 44 gram

    Smooth texture of the glass cloth easily releases particles with rinsing. This...

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  • Premium Wet/Dry Loop Hook and Loop Mop

    Premium Wet/Dry Loop Hook and Loop Mop

    Use wet or dry, these loop mops soak up more water than...

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  • 12x12 Microfiber Cloth - 30 gram, 45 gram, 49 gram

    Microfiber Cloth – 16×16 – 49 gram

    Terrific for lint-free general purpose cleaning. Microfiber cloths are made from 80%...

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  • Mesh Backed Side Pocket Mop

    Mesh Backed Side Pocket Mop

    100% Microfiber mesh backed for a stretched snug fit. Mesh construction dries...

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  • Dusting Wand

    Dusting Wand

    A lightweight, thin foam frame mitigates operator fatigue. The flexible blade allows...

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