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The Beginner’s Guide to Microfiber Cloths

A guide to microfiber for JanSan beginners

If you are just entering JanSan sales, you will want to sell microfiber, so we’ve put together this beginner’s guide to microfiber cloths. Use this guide to familiarize yourself with the many benefits of microfiber cloths and you’ll be ready to sell microfiber cloths.

What is microfiber exactly?

Microfiber is a synthetic fiber that is finer than a strand of silk, one-fifth the diameter of a human hair. Microfiber is made from a combination of polyesters and polyamides and is stronger and more durable than natural fibers. It was developed and perfected in Japan by Dr. Miyoshi Okamoto in the 1960s.

Room cleaning with microfiber cloth

How is microfiber made?

A process called splitting makes microfiber unique. Single fibers are “sliced into” up to ten times and then spun together with another sliced thread. The sliced ends on each fiber intertwine to create a stronger yarn that traps dirt and grime between the slices. 

Microfiber vs. Cotton cross section diagram

Guide to selling microfiber cloths vs. cotton wipers

A cross-section of a microfiber yarn reveals a star pattern that collects more particles of dirt than smooth yarn made from traditional cotton fibers.

The split microfibers magically (scientifically) pick up a positive electric charge during the splitting process. This positive charge of the microfiber attracts dirt, which has a negative charge. The dirt is drawn to and then trapped within the grooves of the split yarns. 

Microfiber will last for 500 washings if cared for properly!

Why is cleaning with microfiber safer than using a cotton wiper?

Bacteria is dangerous, and microfiber’s ability to pick up more bacteria than cotton cloths ranks it high on the safety scale for jansan tools. There can be up to a 99% reduction in surface bacteria from pre-cleaning with microfiber compared to just a 33% reduction after using regular cotton cloths.

Microfiber cloths come in a multitude of colors, which enables even the largest facility to implement a color-coded cleaning system, the safest way to segregate “safe zone” and “danger zone” cleaning tools. Below is an example of how custodians eliminate color contamination.

Color-Coded Microfiber Monarch Brands

What are the different types of microfiber cloths?

All-Purpose Traditional “Terry” Weave Cloths

The “terry” microfiber cloth is named after the traditional looped pile in most terry towels. Terry microfiber cloths are great for all tasks and safe on any surface. Available in sizes 12×12″ and 16×16″ in various weights ranging from 275 to 320 GSM.

Waffle Weave Microfiber Cloth

A waffle-like texture that is slightly abrasive distinguishes this cloth from others and provides a little extra power for tasks like scrubbing. The uneven waffle pattern helps provide more friction without damaging the cleaning surface. At 16×16″ and 335 GSM, the waffle-weave cloth is a true workhorse.

Microfiber Glass Cloths

Glass cloths are soft, smooth, and absorbent for cleaning any type of glass, mirror, windows, and electronic screens. Three colored choices sized at 16×16″ and 270 GSM — just the right size for most glass cleaning tasks.

Microfiber Suede Cloths

“Suede” microfiber cloths have the feel of soft suede. This pseudo-suede has a smooth texture and is ideal for delicate cleaning and polishing. Three colors are available in 16×16″ weighing in at 230 GSM. 

Microfiber Wall Washing Cloths

Our 255 GSM microfiber wall washing cloths are oversized at 15×24″ and available in eight colors — perfect for color-coded cleaning of multiple rooms. 

Monarch Brands carries a full line of microfiber floor cleaning supplies that work in tandem with our microfiber cloth collection. Color-coding options are available for the implementation of a safe, sanitary janitorial regimen.

red wall washing cloth
Learn More About Microfiber

Blog Post: Benefits of Microfiber

What sizes do microfiber cloths come in?

Monarch Brands microfiber cloth sizes range from 12×12″ for the smallest utility towel to 25×36″ for the largest for TowelZilla, a super-thick car washing and drying towel. As with all textiles, other variables determine the usage and ultimate “size” of the product. The GSM measures the weight of the cloth in grams per square meter. The higher the GSM measurement is, the thicker and heavier the cloth is. 

For an idea of our range, consider our smallest cloth, the 12×12″ terry microfiber cloth is 215 GSM or 20 grams/dozen compared to the TowelZilla car drying cloth at 25×36″ and 780 GSM or 12 lbs per dozen. That’s a hefty full pound (450 grams) per towel!

Why do some microfiber cloths have seamless edges?

SmartEdge Seamless detailing cloths, one of our pre-packaged retail items, are especially good for detailing cars and other metal machinery for their seamless scratch-free edges. 

Our versatile SmartRags microfiber cloth dispenser box, conveniently sized at 12″ x 6″ x 5.75″, contains 50 12×12″ seamless edge all-purpose cloths. Don’t get caught without the right cloth for a delicate detailing job! Choose from seven colors.

SmartEdge Microfiber - Green

How do I wash microfiber?

To preserve the life of your microfiber, wash and dry it after use. Otherwise, you run the risk of contaminants setting in the cloth. This will hamper future cleaning efforts by clogging the fine cleaning channels and increasing the risk of cross-contamination. Wash microfiber only with other microfiber cloths as cotton releases lint that will get trapped within the microfibers.


Learn more about washing and drying microfiber towels in this article from our resources section.

Caring for Microfiber Cloths and Mops.

Are all microfiber cloths basically the same?

Absolutely not! As consumers began to realize that microfiber is genuinely a miracle cloth, extreme demand for microfiber products caused huge competition among manufacturers. To maintain margins, some mills cut corners, eliminating polyamide from the formula, or manufacturing products hastily and cheaply, thus creating inferior products.

At Monarch Brands we never cut corners, all of our microfiber products are developed by reputable manufacturers from an 80% Polyester, 20% Polyamide blend, which is the gold standard that commercial cleaners want and expect. We deploy an end-to-end quality control process, and our QC inspectors focus on all aspects of microfiber production — yarn splitting, spinning, weaving, dyeing, cutting, sewing, and packaging. 

FYI: We carry Retail-Ready microfiber cloths too

Monarch Brands’ retail-packaged microfiber cloths for POP items and route sales are especially lucrative.

  • SmartRags microfiber cloth dispenser boxes come in seven colors and fit perfectly on shelves or janitorial carts.
  • Smartedge seamless microfiber cloths are excellent detailing cloths with a soft scratch-free edge.
  • TowelZilla, the Ultimate Car Cloth, is our thickest and largest cloth specifically designed for cleaning and drying cars.
SmartRags 50 count on rack
SmartEdge Microfiber group packaging
Car drying microfiber cloth

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