Value Bar Mops

We stock imperfects in the most popular weights and styles offering savings up to 30%. Our irregular bar mops (or IR bar mops) are perfect for a wipe-and-toss environment. IR bar mops may feature minor weaving defects and imperfect cuts, and are packed 100 dozen to a bale. Institutional facilities where appearances are less important, e.g., federal prisons, benefit most from the value that IR bar mops provide. As IR bar mops are compressed during the baling process, we recommend they are revitalized by washing before first use.

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Value Bar Mops - Bar Mop, BlueN030-W69-B32DozBale100 Dozens per Bale12
Value Bar Mops - Bar Mop, GoldN030-W69-G32DozBale100 Dozens per Bale
Value Bar Mops - Bar Mop, GreenN030-W69-GR32DozBale100 Dozens per Bale