Increase Sales With Existing Customers Beyond Wholesale Janitorial Supply.

Janitorial Cross-Selling Opportunities

You may know Monarch Brands for providing the best wholesale microfiber and wiping janitorial supplies. You may not know that janitorial supplies are a fraction of our core offering. Oh… Good For You! I hear you say. But wait, there’s more.

When you look at distributors’ websites, you’ll see many sort products by category AND industry. Promoting janitorial supplies for hotels, foodservice operations, corporate offices, property managers, schools, retirement communities, healthcare facilities… and the list goes on. You may have customers across all of these industries. You definitely sell to commercial cleaning companies who serve these industries.

You know that you are more productive in developing existing customers than cold call new accounts. The old 80% of business comes from 20% of customers cliche is true. You have established an excellent working relationship. Your customer trusts you. And most importantly, you’re already set up in their system.

Retirement communities are an excellent example of product line extension. Many retirement communities use in-house staff to perform day-to-day cleaning, sanitation, and laundry tasks. Residents let ‘cleaners’ into their living spaces and need to feel safe and comfortable. Retirement communities run on-site laundries to handle all bedding, towels, and even dry cleaning. Their foodservice department uses plenty of textiles beyond the disposables you may already sell. 

Most offer a general store where residents can purchase retail home textilesblankets, and resort towels alongside food, home goods, sundries, and little luxuries. Bigger/wealthier communities offer golf coursespools, and fitness centers. Art classes use cobbler aprons. Spas use bleach-safe salon towels.  

Customer needs wheel diagram

Janitorial Product Line Extension Examples

How to Take Advantage of Janitorial Supply Cross-Selling Opportunities

There is an opportunity to grow beyond janitorial supplies, and you already have a one-stop textile supplier. Of course, no two customers are the same. Once you’ve identified an opportunity, walk us through your customer’s company. We will:

  1. Identify and recommend a unique product strategy.
  2. Develop your own branded presentation collateral.
  3. Join you for the pitch if you’re unfamiliar with institutional and retail textile sales.

The table below illustrates just some of the textiles that your customers may consume beyond cleaning supplies. If this idea sparks interest, give us a call or fill out the form to start the conversation. 


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