Increase Gym Sales with Microfiber Products and Bulk Towels

Gym owners are hustling to retain and grow their member base

By some estimates, 90% of gyms, health clubs, and fitness facilities closed for some time during the 2020 pandemic shutdown. However, recent surveys and studies compiled by noted member experience management and resource firms returned some positive data. Member surveys conducted by MXM, Peerfit, and ABC Fitness Solutions indicated that most members would likely return to their local gym. After months of inactivity and losing clients to “home-gyming,” many clubs are starting to report an uptick in new memberships. With the accelerated rollout of vaccines, this news presents distributors with new opportunities to increase gym sales. As experts in professional cleaning with microfiber products and suppliers of quality amenities like affordable bulk gym towels, Monarch Brands can provide you with all you need to help your customers increase gym sales.

Men wearing PPE masks exercising

Membership retention strategies

In an attempt to guarantee that club members return, proprietors drove their communications, customer service, sanitation, and safety efforts into high-gear. Surveys, social media polls, personal calls, and other communications helped identify members’ concerns and build trust while proprietors developed action plans. 


Here are their findings. At the top of the list of member concerns are safety and sanitation. How exactly will clubs guarantee the health and safety of their members? Communicating detailed cleaning and sanitation methods to the members is imperative. Developing protocols to ensure the safety and wellbeing of the training and cleaning staff helps to alleviate anxiety. Shifting cleaning processes traditionally done during low-traffic hours or after closing to high-traffic/high-visibility times assuages members’ concerns about sanitation. For club members, seeing the sanitation staff cleaning during their workout is a source of relief.


Of course, the importance and impact of amenities can’t be overlooked, especially in the current climate. Upgrading pool and gym towels can make a visual and tactile impact when members return to the gym. An upgrade does not automatically mean expensive. Seek real value when replenishing towel supplies and other amenities.

Efficient club cleaning methods

Long before the 2020 pandemic, the fitness industry was already quite vigilant against the spread of community-acquired illnesses like MRSA, E.coli, athlete’s foot fungus, warts, flu, and ringworm — to name a few. Nothing kills a fitness business faster than an E.coli scare!


Some quick club health math: A recent study from FitRated found that free weights contain 360 times the amount of bacteria found on a toilet seat. Treadmills contain 48 times the amount, and rented Hot Yoga mats have 48 times the amount. 

“NO-GO” Zones

The development of “No-Go” zones where cleaning is in progress not only protects members and staff but patrons appreciate seeing cleaning professionals doing the work. The use of color-coded cleaning materials for specific zones such as red mop pads and cloths for restrooms, blue for showers, and green, yellow or white for other areas in the gym, is visible proof that the club is taking steps to avoid cross-contamination. Peace-of-mind like this creates positive buzz among members and goes a long way to increase gym sales for distributors.

Girl wearing PPE mask on exercise bike

Color-coded microfiber solutions for advanced protocols

Microfiber Product Facts

One of the most valuable and effective materials for intense cleaning is microfiber which contains natural antimicrobial properties. EPA findings show that cleaning with microfiber products eliminates 99% of bacteria while cotton only removes 69%. A gym that lacks microfiber products in its sanitation arsenal does so at its peril. Microfiber construction traps grime inside the tiny fibers and lifts it off surfaces, while traditional cotton fibers push filth around on the surface. Microfiber towels also save money with a longer ”laundry life span.” Microfiber products withstand extensive laundering better than traditional cloths and mops, thereby offering an undeniable return on investment.

Microfiber cleaning cloths

SilverSure microfiber cloths treated with antimicrobial technology

Treated with SILVADUR® a patented process that eliminates bacteria from the surface of the cloth • four colors for zone-cleaning • 12×12′ and 16×16″

SmartRags Microfiber Dispenser Box

50 12×122″ microfiber cloths for general-purpose zone cleaning • five colors • Fits perfectly on a cleaning cart • 12×12

Waffle Glass Cloths

Unique waffle texture for lifting extra grime from smooth surfaces • will not scratch glass, tile, painted metal equipment, or other slick surfaces • ideal for mirrors, windows, and all hard surfaces • lint-free • launder 500 times • three colors for zone cleaning

Cloth Comp Silversure Smart Glass

Microfiber mops and surface cleaning products

Flat wet mop

Our most popular mop • perfect for hard gym surfaces prior to polishing • three colors for zone cleaning • Launderable up to 500 times

Premium Wet/Dry loop mop

Use wet or dry • loops create extra absorbency • traps dirt and dust • three colors for zone cleaning

Dusting wand covers

For dusting TVs, fans, and other hard to reach places

Wall washing system

Ergonomic 360° swivel head trowel • 10×5″ microfiber wet/dry mop pads • color-coded for zone cleaning • lightweight telescopic 28-48″ pole

Mop Comp

How other companies are keeping their customers safe? Learn how.

Workplace safety made simple with essential PPE products

Gym and pool towels for any budget

Power Towels

Our 6lb striped bath gym/pool towels are comparably priced to similar towels and punch way above their weight. The bold Power Towel line is softer and more absorbent, with brighter whites and deeper colors than typical striped institutional bath and hand towels. The distinction is in the details. 

  • Yarn: Power Towels are made from virgin fiber 12/S open-end yarn. Typical gym towels are made from 10/S open-end blended (virgin & reclaimed) fiber yarn. Members will feel the difference.
  • Construction: There’s a visible difference in the structure of our towels. Power Towels’ loop pile is low, uniform, and tight, with more loops-per-square-inch than competitive towels.
  • Color & Brightness: Our white Power towels with vibrant stripes are more consistent because we deep-dye the yarn in the warp and pile, then bleach the whole towel so the shade you receive is the shade that will last.
  • Country of Origin: Made in Bangladesh (an emerging powerhouse in textile manufacturing), our towels are made on new machines by an educated workforce. 

Crescent Economy Club Towels

Bale-packed* for freight convenience, Crescent cam border towels are our most popular economy gym towel. Crescent towels are made with 16S open-end yarn and poly blended (85% Cotton/15% poly) for softness and durability.

*Carton-packed towels available for an additional charge.

Magellan Premium Club Towels

Our heaviest institutional towel line (675 GSM) is also OEKO-TEX® certified. Perfect for luxury health clubs and exclusive personal training salons, these towels are made with 20/D ringspun and feature a double chevron dobby border.

Boxer with power towel
Power Towels all colors stacked
Crescent vs Magellan stacked towels

Personal microfiber cloths

Microfiber Hand Towels

A perfect bench towel for your workout • absorbent with maximum coverage • 16×27″ • eight fun colors


Microfiber Makeup Removal Cloth Dispenser Box

A perfect addition to the locker room • great incentive giveaway • create learning moments and build trust


SmartRags Dispenser Box

An excellent giveaway for exclusive clubs • gift members with a colorful box of all-purpose microfiber cloths • create learning moments and build trust

SmartRags Facial Cloths and Rolled Up pink towels

Personal PPE and hand sanitizer

Papillon Hand Sanitizer

FDA recommended formula 62% ethyl alcohol • extract of aloe with a light powder scent • available in three sizes: 1 Gallon club size, 12 oz pump, 8 oz. personal giveaway size

Mask Essentials

Are your gym buyers aware that you have access to a complete line of essential PPE products and hand sanitizer? Monarch Brands carries masks, protective face shields and three sizes of hand sanitizer for all members, trainers, staff, and for every area of their facility. KN95 disposable masks • 3-ply disposable masks • protective face shields • Papillon Brand Hand Sanitizer

PPE and Hand Sanitizer

The takeaway for distributors

As sporting clubs, fitness clubs, and gyms of any scale reopen and adapt to the new normal, owners and buyers seeking to increase membership sales must be well-informed about their supply choices. After a year of diminishing returns and extreme hustling, club owners who have managed to maintain or grow their business have no time or energy to waste. Whatever scale an athletic facility operates on, they need suppliers who offer quality products at the very best value. Develop a lean sales presentation that respects their time, and you have the opportunity to educate customers and prospects on Monarch Brands’ exceptional catalog of microfiber products, bulk towels, PPE essentials, and more. Reach out now and make a positive multi-level impact on their bottom line.

Author: Lisa Denham
Title: Marketing Director, Monarch Brands
Phone: (215) 482-6100
Email: [email protected]


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