Elite Pearl Collection

The Pearl is our elite collection and is made with 100% ring spun cotton and a blended ground to provide a perfect combination of feel and durability. These are optically bright white, soft to the touch, carton packed to be ready for use out of the box.

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Elite Pearl Collection - 12" x 12" (Washcloth)INST-1212-1DozCase25 Dozens per Case3524.5 x 12.5 x 15.5 in.29.4
Elite Pearl Collection - 16" x 27" (Hand Towel)INST-1627-3DozCase10 Dozens per Case3017 x 14.5 x 23 in.34
Elite Pearl Collection - 20" x 30" (Bath Mat)INST-2030-7DozCase5 Dozens per Case2421 x 16 x 19 in.39
Elite Pearl Collection - 24" x 48" (Bath Towel)INST-2448-8DozCase5 Dozens per Case1225 x 12.5 x 25 in.44
Elite Pearl Collection - 24" x 50" (Bath Towel)INST-2450-10.5DozCase5 Dozens per Case1225 x 12.5 x 29 in.56.5