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Retail Ready Foodservice

Retail Ready Bulk Kitchen Towels

These bulk kitchen towels and cloths contain special characteristics that protect them from unwanted microorganisms while still cleaning kitchen surfaces and equipment effectively. They are also all packaged to make it easy to distribute to your customers. 

These towels provide the absorption, durability, and cleaning power that modern restaurants and other foodservice companies need, making them a great alternative to the traditional laundered towels or cloth rags.

At Monarch Brands, our towels use SILVADUR™ to inhibit the growth of undesirable bacteria and microbes, so all these items smell, feel, and look newer for a longer period of time.

Explore our range of foodservice towels and janitorial supplies and give your customers a simple way to stock a range of high-quality products. 

Offering Bulk Kitchen Towels for Any Foodservice Job

There are very strict regulations on any business that provides food and drink to the public, and they extend all the way to the tools used to clean up after every customer. Your clients need a reliable supply of effective and safe kitchen towels to maintain a hygienic environment.

At Monarch Brands, you can find a wide range of highly absorbent and very durable towels that are packaged for retail and ready to be sold to your customers. 

Here, you’ll find:

Make the Move to Monarch Brands

At Monarch Brands, we maintain an extensive global network of suppliers so we can consistently and ethically source the materials we need for these janitorial supplies.

We are here to help you help your customers get the supplies they need. These bulk kitchen towels are a simple-but-critical part of your customers’ businesses, and they will rely on you to provide the tools that keep their restaurants beautiful.

We partner with the very best suppliers to get these products, and we have the experience and purchasing power to ensure that you will get the best possible balance of quality and price point.

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These retail ready foodservice cloths and towels can make your job much easier and your customers much happier. As a distributor, you face many challenges in a constantly evolving industry, and at Monarch Brands we can help you save money and keep your shelves fully stocked.

Contact one of our specialists today and learn more about our range of bulk kitchen towels, dishcloths, terry towels, bar mops, and more. We’re ready to provide a quote on everything you need.