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Why Buy Irregular Towels in Bulk?

Why Buy Irregular Towels in Bulk?

These days, irregular towels can be veritable lifesavers for many companies in the hospitality industry. They offer an alternative that fits within a tighter budget while still providing a quality solution.

In fact, these types of towels are becoming such an appealing option that they’re getting harder to find. (More on this in a minute.)

Is this the right option for you, though? Are there enough reasons to buy irregular wholesale towels in bulk?

Let’s examine many of the most common benefits and determine if it’s time to start stocking irregular or imperfect towels for hotels.

The Benefits of Buying Irregular Wholesale Towels from Monarch Brands

First, let’s define what we mean by “irregular towels.”

Towels might be considered irregular when the yarn may not be optically white or more off-white than guests would typically expect.

These towels may also contain some small flaws or imperfections, most of which may not even be visible to the untrained eye. Some examples include missing warp or weft threads, too many fly-yarns, or over-stitching. Small perforations, bowing construction, or color dyes will also flag them. Anything that is slightly off standard will relegate them to the irregular bin.

However, these wholesale towels must still pass physical inspection to be considered strong and durable despite minor flaws.

So, with that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the most important benefits.

Irregular wholesale towels can be used in a wide range of applications. Restaurant kitchen towels, for example, won’t be seen by many guests. You just need a cost-effective way to clean spills. Imperfections won’t make a difference in the towel’s performance. The difference is in the budget.

A great example of these types of towels is our Eclipse Cartons. These high-quality, ring-spun towels are intended for national hotel chains. They contain slight weaving flaws and minor imperfections. While some may not pass the “eye test,” they do pass the quality test.

However, whatever the test results, they will save you around 30% compared to their non-irregular equivalents.

In a year when budgets have tightened significantly, this option can be critical to success.

Dobby vs. Cam

Why are Irregulars so Scarce Now?

Over the last year, it’s been a challenge for distributors to keep sufficient stock of wholesale irregular towels.

There are several factors behind this:

  • Better technology – The weaving technology we use today is constantly getting better. Fewer irregulars are generated.
  • Relaxing standards – The towels that would have been classified as irregular a few years ago are more likely to pass inspection now. When there is a supply shortage, slight imperfections aren’t as important as having enough hotel towels in stock.
  • Budgets are driving choices – Most companies faced a difficult year in which the hospitality industry was hit particularly hard. Hotels have to look at a new range of options to fit within the budget, and irregulars are one solution.
  • Shipping bottlenecks – The shipping situation has affected companies across the globe. With limited ships and containers available, the pressure is on to prioritize products with higher profitability. In other words, anyone who is willing to pay 3x normal shipping rates right now will only do so for products with a chance of earning that money back.

Getting Your Irregular Towels in Bulk

Despite these challenges and the increasing scarcity of irregular towels, this is still an important option for many companies in the hospitality industry.

These towels can fit in a tight budget and still meet the needs of individual hotels and restaurants.

However, the current shortage does mean that you may have to look ahead and change your purchasing patterns. You can still keep your shelves stocked with the textiles and supplies your customers require if you can stay on top of these developing trends.

Irregular bath towels, hand towels, washcloths, and more are all available in bulk. Get a quote on these towels today and make sure you have everything you need to avoid potentially more significant shortages in the near future.

If you can relate to the scenario described in this post, consider purchasing irregular wholesale towels in bales or cartons from Monarch Brands.

Carton vs. Bales

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