YOU ASKED. WE LISTENED. New 16" x 16" Heavy Duty SmartRags are here!

Wholesale towels. Brought to you by… Containers.

Monarch Brands serves an essential purpose for professional laundries, the clean industry, and retailers. We invest import bulk textiles because 90% of our customers cannot afford to tie up resources and capital for the products they need to run their business. The 10% who can afford the whole container rely on Monarch Brands to work with manufacturers to import goods more effectively. Wholesale textiles are not our value proposition. We exist as a company because we are experts in navigating the global marketplace.

HOWEVER, We could not do what we do best without relying on the oft-overlooked efforts of the men and women of the shipping industry, and the global paradigm shift in shipping technology invented during the Vietnam War. A new podcast that explores the history, impact, and humanity behind the box that changed the world has been released, and we thought you’d like it.

We discovered the Containers Podcast via 99% Invisible, a podcast that illuminates the design of everything you don’t see but affects your life. Therefore we are presenting the 99%Invisible introduction and episode 3 of the Containers podcast. If you like it as much as we did, go back and start from the beginning.

Colorful towels

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