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Colored Wholesale Towels That Stay True

True Color Cotton Wholesale Towels

These towels are soft, ring-spun 100% cotton, with a dobby border, and are available in black, brown, burgundy, navy, hunter green, and beige.

True Color Bath Towels

True Color Bath Towel

Size: 25 X 52
10.5lb Ring Spun
2 Dozen / Carton
36 Cartons / Pallet

True Color Hand Towels

True Color Hand Towels

Size: 16 x 27
3lb Ring Spun
10  Dozen / Carton
30 Cartons / Pallet

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Create brand loyalty. When minimums are met we will create any color towel and even private label your towels so you will always look smooth and in control.

Specialized Cotton Towels

Ideal for spas, resorts, and country clubs these specialized towels are available for immediate delivery.

Bleach Safe Stylist Towels

Bleach Safe Stylist Towels

REALLY bleach-safe and available in Black, Brown, Burgundy, Charcoal, Eggplant, Hunter Green,  and whatever color you would like.

Size: 16 x 28
3lb Ring Spun
12 Dozen / Carton
20 Cartons / Pallet

Kitchen Towel Ensembles

Kitchen Towel Ensembles

Kitchen Towels: $9.85/Dozen
Dish Towels: $4.50/Dozen
Pot Holders: $6.95/Dozen

Sold by the carton and color but working best as sets, these yarn-dyed ring spun cotton products are bright white and ideal for timeshares, extended residences, or consumer use.


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