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Sell Wholesale Wipers in a Digital Marketplace

More and more industrial manufacturers and wholesale distributors are moving into digital marketplaces. But what does that mean exactly? Many consumers may not know that the digital properties they shop at every day, are not a single entity, but a collection of distributors. Amazon, Walmart, Jet, and eBay are just a few of the massive companies that aggregate products for consumption. Amazon publishes that more than 40% their total unit sales come from third-party selection.

So how does a customer of Monarch Brands benefit from marketplaces? Basically, there are two ways for a company to open up new revenue streams using marketplaces. We’ll use Amazon as an example.

FBA – Fulfilled by Amazon (consumers recognize this as Amazon Prime). Bulk ship products to Amazon and let them pick, pack, and ship your orders. You’re trading man hours for profits, but the burden of logistics is alleviated. Learn More.

FBM – Fulfilled by Manufacturer. Amazon will send daily reports of orders to your front office for fulfillment. You must handle the shipping and returns and keep around 15% more of the selling price for doing so. Learn More.

Monarch Brands retail packed items are a perfect starting point for your new online business. Packed by the carton for ease of shipment, our retail wiper lines are perfect for small business end users who do not have the capacity to order bulk. Get started by reviewing our lines.


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