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Decorating with Cheesecloth

Grade 10 Cheesecloth is a 20X12 thread count, 100% cotton, which also called an Open-Mesh Cheesecloth. Grade 40 Cheesecloth is a 20X24 thread count Grade 10 & 40 cheesecloth has always been the go-to cheesecloth for dusting and cleaning; however, I’d like to share a few crafty ideas I’ve learned from my customers and their techniques.

Bleached Cheesecloths in box

Halloween Cheesecloth Decoration Ideas

Years ago, a preeminent Architectural firm in New York City scheduled their grand opening around Halloween and wanted to decorate with cheesecloth. Grade 10 cheesecloth can be pulled and stretched to make the holes randomly larger, giving the appearance of Cobwebs. What a cool idea! Balloons were inflated, covered with long hanging pieces of cheesecloth, and given eyes with black markers. You may also blow up a balloon and pin it to a table. Dip grade 10 or 40 cheesecloth in a bowl of white glue, squeeze out excess, and drape it over the balloon and let dry. Pop the balloon and add eyes for a freestanding ghost table decoration.

Crafting Ideas For Cheesecloth

Cheesecloth Winter Gardening Tips

Cheesecloth is used to cover all kinds of berry bushes; it protects the berries from birds and squirrels but also allows a significant flow of sunlight through. Cheesecloth also works well as a floating row cover that allows water, light, and air to filter through while protecting your plants from Frost. Just cover and anchor down with soil, rocks, or pegs. Keep in mind this also protects your plants from Hot weather. The cheesecloth lowers the temperature and keeps the air moist while blocking up to 85% sunlight. And don’t forget about the Good & bad bugs! During early planting, cheesecloth protects against the bad bugs. Just be sure to remove the cheesecloth for pollination by good bugs.

Cheesecloth covering garden greens

Unique Furniture Finishing Techniques with Cheesecloth

Years ago, I had the best creative experience! By doing my customer a favor in bringing a case of cheesecloth to one of their customers, I was given a tour of their furniture manufacturing plant. They were decorating a complete dining & bedroom set using cheesecloth to impart a unique pattern. Ok, now I’ll do my best to explain! Lol. Let’s start with a smooth application; the table: first, they lay down a primer. Then, a base coat of ashen grey. Once dry, six people stretched grade 10 cheesecloth to cover the entire tabletop and pinned it tight to make the cloth imovable. Cover the table with high gloss black. When the black coat dried, the cheesecloth was lifted carefully to create a pattern, and a gloss clear-coat was applied. The end result is stunning! I passed the idea to a Lamp manufacturer who liked the idea enough to try some pieces for their showroom.

Lamp design made with cheesecloth

There are so many industries that use one particular grade or another of cheesecloth. Ex: the U.S. Mint, aerospace, manufacturing, food industry, book binding, cheese manufacturing. etc. And of course for all your crafty Holidays and special occasion ideas, like weddings.

Feel free to contact me for help in choosing the right cheesecloth for your industry and occasion anytime!

Lucy Bauccio

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