YOU ASKED. WE LISTENED. New 16" x 16" Heavy Duty SmartRags are here!

Introducing TaskBrand Wipers.

Monarch Brands merged with Hospeco Brands Group.

We have opened up a world of new products your customers need to run their businesses. From personal care and protection to cleaning products and contamination control, we provide our distributors with efficient, economical access to a broad range of essential janitorial products.

Introducing TaskBrands Non-Woven Wiping Solutions.

Are you frustrated with massive national non-woven converters who do not care about distributor needs? Your customers should wipe all day with TaskBrands, a better non-woven solution.

The biggest brand in non-woven wipers is too big to care about many small-to-mid-size orders. Common concerns cited are: 

Minimum Order Quantities To hold the attention of non-woven giants, distributor MOQs are ridiculously high. 

Solution: We control the production of all wipers, inventorying key SKUs so you can order what you need without ordering a year’s worth.

Price – Big names carry hefty price tags – this is common with wipers, microfiber, towels, and everything else we sell. 

Solution: Your customers can use TaskBrand Wipers to wipe all surfaces without the hefty overhead of national brands.

Lead Time – ordering MOQs guarantees your orders get sent to the back of the production run. 

Solution: We choose to produce and inventory non-woven wipers in advance so you can simply add on to your existing order.

Sampling – With their focus firmly on their existing customers, national brand wiping converters have little interest in fostering new business. Good luck with your wiper trial.

Solution: Our sampling program is robust because we understand the best way for you to adopt our wipers is to get them in your hands to wipe all doubt away. 

Get started by downloading our TaskBrand Wiper catalog.

Core Non-Woven Wiper Lines


High-performance spunlace material

  • Binder and silicone free
  • Exceptional durability, most cloth-like
  • Best shop towel and rag replacement
  • Highly absorbent, virtually lint free
  • Resistant to broadest range of solvents
  • Applications: auto/aero prep and finishing, cleaning equipment and tools, exceptional in heavy grease, oil and water, manufacturing, machine shops
  • Fragrance and alcohol-free


Hydrospun is one of the most versatile non-woven materials

  • Very durable, cloth-like feel
  • Excellent alternative to shop towels
  • Premium duty, low lint
  • Absorbent, excellent wipe dry
  • Resistant to most solvents
  • Applications: rough surfaces and wiping/removing metal shavings, heavy grease and oil, cleaning equipment and tools, solvent application, great alternative to shop towels


DRC is the leading all-purpose disposable wiper

  • Heavy duty, low lint
  • Highly absorbent, wipe-dry
  • Unique stretch with cloth-like feel
  • These wipers are made of 35% average post-industrial recycled fibers, making up a minimum 85% of the total product weight
  • Applications: glass and mirror, cleaning equipment/tools/parts, staining, wiping up oil/grease/water, general purpose surface and hand cleaning, janitorial and facility maintenance

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