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Choosing the Right Presaturated Surface Wipes: A Guide

Presaturated surface wipes are a lucrative staple item for many buyers of janitorial supplies. This guide explores the advantages of choosing Touch Point surface cleaning wet wipes, the differences between disinfecting and cleaning wipes, and how to choose the right wipes for specific spaces.

When purchasing cleaning or wholesale janitorial supplies, consider the benefits and ease that presaturated wipes can bring to a business.

The Benefits Presaturated Surface Wipes


Presaturated wipes provide even coverage, ensuring the surface remains wet for the recommended contact time. This allows active ingredients to work effectively before air drying.


Surface cleaning wet wipes eliminate chemical aerosols, reducing the risk of respiratory issues, with little or no need for personal protective equipment (PPE).

Infection Control:

Single-use wipes reduce the risk of the spread of germs by cross-contamination. No-touch dispensers are available for every type of space, further decreasing the spread of germs.

Minimal Training:

Ready-to-use wipes with the correct concentration of cleaning solution save training time and labor costs.


A simple one-step process enables faster cleaning and disinfecting.

Presaturated Wipes vs. Alternative Cleaning Wipers

Inferior sprays, wipes, or towels leave streaks or spotty coverage and are less effective than presaturated wipes. Wiping up sprays and cleaning solutions before recommended contact periods can contaminate the surface again instead of cleaning it.

Differences between Cleaning and Disinfecting Wipes

Surface Cleaning Wipes:

Touch Point Facility Cleaning Wipes are made with a QUAT-based formula for cleaning and deodorizing surfaces in one step. This formula is fragrance and alcohol-free. For best results, use surface cleaning wipes first, followed by disinfecting wipes to kill germs and bacteria. Surface cleaning wipes contain a mild detergent and are safe and gentle on hands.


Surface Scrubbing Wipes:

Touch Point Surface Scrubbing Wipes remove stubborn grime from surfaces and hands with a dual-textured design. A non-scratching, lightly abrasive texture on one side is well-suited for surface grime yet gentle enough for cleaning dirty hands. The other side is smooth to wipe surfaces and hands with after scrubbing. These wipes contain a mild cleaning solution that is safe on the skin. Use scrubbing wipes to remove surface dirt, followed by disinfecting wipes to eliminate germs and bacteria.

Disinfecting Wipes:

Touch Point Disinfectant Wipes are EPA-registered and proven to kill 99.9% of bacteria in 15 seconds, as well as viruses on hard non-porous surfaces. Kills up to 45 pathogens including Human Coronavirus, cold and flu viruses, and the SARS CoV-2 virus which causes COVID-19. Reduce the risk of infection and prevent the spread of germs with Touch Point disinfecting wipes.

Where to Use Touch Point Presaturated Wipes

Presaturated wipes are ideal for office spaces, fitness centers, schools, universities, dorms, retail stores, industrial locations, and more.

Anywhere there is physical traffic and plenty of touching of surfaces, like gyms, restaurants, bars, and schools.

Don’t overlook the obvious! Doorknobs, light switches, checkout counters, cash machine keypads, shopping carts, tools, and phones are just a small sampling of where germs can thrive.

Considerations when Choosing the Right Wipes for Your Space


When developing a cleaning plan for high-touch areas, consider kill claims, and recommended contact and dwell times. Read on to learn more.

Contact Time/Dwell Time:

A good plan assesses how often surfaces are touched, the frequency of wiping, and the proper time required for effective disinfection.

Wipe Count:

Choose from various options, such as canisters, refill rolls with a dispenser, and buckets, based on your facility’s wipe usage.

Add Presaturated Wipes to your Wholesale Janitorial Supply Buy

Add Touch Point Wipes and Dispensers to your product catalog. Selecting surface wipes requires understanding the end-user’s needs and factors like effectiveness, safety, and convenience. By following this guide, you can optimize the use of surface wipes in your space, promoting a clean and safe environment.





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