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Friday March 20 Update

Good Evening,

Yesterday Governor Wolf ordered all “non-life sustaining” businesses to close. After reviewing with Council, Monarch Brands product category does qualify to remain open during this time. We have posted messaging from our Council as well as highlighted the categories that apply on exterior doors. Our hours of operation will remain the same going forward.

Please remember:

  • Practice Social Distancing
  • Stay home when ill
  • Limit Travel
  • Wash hands with frequency

Copies of our Infectious Disease Policy will be posted in common areas throughout the building.

You may also download a copy here.

I could not be more proud of this team. We have had a hectic week and am happy to report the needs of our customers are being satisfied. Please help maintain our focus and sense of urgency during this time. Working in shifts and amended hours are stressful. We are mitigating our need for layoffs or furloughs by providing a high level of service to our customers. The need for expedited shipments in greater volumes is a challenge and we have risen to this occasion. I urge you to please keep up the level of intensity and applaud the efforts of this amazing team. In this unparalleled time I consider our team very fortunate to maintain our operations and means to provide for the ones we love.

Thank you for all the hard work. Our families, customers, and future are relying on your hard effort. I look forward to seeing you all together again soon.

Have a safe and restful weekend.