Microfiber Scrubbing Wet Flat Mops

Scrubbing wet flat mops take on the heavy grime, using polypropylene ridges to create a mop that glides, cleans and removes dirt at the same time. 80% Polyester, 20% Polyamide. Scrubbing wet flat mops have durable double stitched edges, a velcro® 5.5” wide backing scrubbing strips that you can launder up to 500 times. CALL FOR A QUOTE: 800-333-7247

Part Number Color Size Case Count
M800013B Blue 13" 10 Dz./Cs.
M800013G Green 13" 10 Dz./Cs.
M800018B Blue 18" 10 Dz./Cs.
M800018G Green 18" 10 Dz./Cs.
M800018R Red 18" 10 Dz./Cs.
M800024B Blue 24" 10 Dz./Cs.
M800024G Green 24" 10 Dz./Cs.
M800024R Red 24" 10 Dz./Cs.