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TaskBrand® Non-Woven Wipers

Advanced Wiper Series

TaskBrands Advanced Performance Series, esteemed for its remarkable moisture-wicking capabilities, is a premier option for tasks in optical and electronics sectors, adeptly managing liquid mishaps and spills. Possessing substantial structural resilience, it supports rigorous cleaning without deterioration, rendering it a fitting choice for cleaning a plethora of surfaces, including glass and other smooth ones. This fabric, celebrated for its extraordinary endurance, preserves its composition even with continuous usage, making it the go-to for light-duty cleaning and spray-and-wipe operations.

The Advanced Performance Series maintains a gentle, fabric-like feel, confirming its appropriateness for patient hygiene and sensitive surface sanitation. Its low lint generation is essential in averting electronic disruption or surface impurities. Additionally, its production method, being more cost-efficient and swifter than conventional weaving or knitting techniques, cements its place as a budget-friendly option for diverse applications.

Premium Wiper Series

The TaskBrand Premium Series features Hydrospun, a non-woven, durable material ideal for demanding applications. Hydrospun is tough yet has a cloth-like feel, making it gentle on surfaces and user-friendly. It outperforms traditional shop towels, which often fail under heavy use and leave lint. Hydrospun, however, is a low-lint, premium-duty material that ensures a cleaner, more efficient result.

Its high absorbency and excellent wipe-dry performance make it versatile, suitable for mopping spills to drying surfaces. Hydrospun also resists most solvents and, aside from the P41 wiper, complies with FDA 21 CFR 176.170 and 21 CFR 176.180 regulations, making it safe for use in food processing applications. Perfect for cleaning rough surfaces, removing heavy grease, and applying solvents, Hydrospun is a superior alternative to shop towels due to its strength, absorbency, and solvent resistance.

Value Wiper Series

TaskBrand Value series of DRC wipers, made of 35% post-industrial recycled fibers, balance sustainability and performance. They are heavy-duty, low-lint, and ideal for tasks requiring a clean, residue-free finish, like maintaining equipment and applying stains.

Their high absorbency makes them excellent for soaking up oils and greases and general cleaning tasks. These wipers have a unique stretch, and cloth-like feel that boosts their versatility, making them soft yet firm for janitorial tasks and safe for delicate surfaces like glass. Their robust performance, absorbency, and eco-friendliness make TaskBrand Value Series DRC wipers preferred for various cleaning and maintenance applications.

Economy Wiper Series

TaskBrands Economy Series presents a harmonious blend of environmental sustainability and effective functionality across a spectrum of cleaning tasks. This product is crafted from completely recycled tissue, inclusive of 40% consumer-recycled content, underscoring its commitment to eco-responsibility. Its unique nylon mesh architecture bolsters its ability to resist moisture, making it reusable and ideal for dealing with minor liquid spillages. As one of the lowest residue-emitting wipes in the industry, it assures a flawless cleaning experience on polished surfaces such as mirrors and glass. Furthermore, this light-duty wipe shines in everyday cleaning scenarios, while its superior drying capability ensures the tasks are completed efficiently. TaskBrands Economy Series also doubles as a reliable hand cleaning solution, showcasing its versatility. Therefore, it’s more than just a cleaning aid; it’s a testament to the successful amalgamation of eco-awareness and functional efficiency.

Specialized Wiper Series

Introducing our comprehensive selection of wipers, tailored to meet all your cleaning needs across diverse settings. Our range includes TexTask wipes, known for their absorbency and strength, perfect as a replacement for disposable shop towels. The Sontara® EC Wipers offer a cleaning solution free from binders or glue, ideal where non-abrasive materials are paramount. The innovative EasyTask® Refillable Cleaning System delivers a customizable and cost-effective cleaning solution, allowing you to create your own wet wipe. For the most demanding cleaning tasks, Sontara® Aerospace Grade Wipers provide exceptional performance, especially in sectors like biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, and electronics. TaskBrand® Dusters offer a superior dusting solution with their unique pucker design and mineral oil treatment, ensuring effective and gentle cleaning across industries. With our range, high standards of cleanliness are within your reach.

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