Retail Ready Microfiber

Retail Ready Microfiber Cloth Cleaning Products

At Monarch Brands, you can find a wide range of retail ready microfiber cloth cleaning products that are packaged for immediate delivery to your customers. These housecleaning supplies are designed to provide the durability and usability that your clients need in a variety of situations.

Microfiber towels attract dust and dirt more effectively than most other materials. The dust is drawn to the static charge created by the microfibers, which means a lot of cleaning can get done without the use of chemical agents. But it’s not just about dust and dirt. These fibers can absorb many times their weight in liquid, too.

High-Quality Microfiber Cloths

At Monarch Brands, you can get microfiber products that are more sanitary, green, and efficient than the housekeeping supplies made from some of the other more traditional textiles. We’ve been in this business for a long time, and we control the sourcing and manufacturing processes to ensure that the final products always exceed your expectations.

These products are already packaged for retail and ready to ship to your customers:

What Makes Microfiber So Great?

The highest-quality microfiber towels can have a couple hundred thousand fibers per square inch. Even on the lower end, you could expect to have something around 50k fibers per square inch. In either case, this creates a material that can wick up moisture and pull dirt and dust to it in a way that other materials simply can’t replicate.

Of course, not all microfiber is the same, and the different combinations of shapes and sizes of the synthetic fibers can create different characteristics in the towels. Be sure to ask one of our specialists about it to learn more.

What Makes Monarch Brands So Great?

Monarch Brands only sources products from the very best suppliers around the world. Every manufacturer in our global sourcing infrastructure must go through a strict vetting process to make sure they can live up to our quality standards and always surpass our customers’ expectations.

We understand your needs as a distributor and strive to keep your business stocked with the products your clients require on a daily basis. We have long experience as a wholesaler and manufacturer of microfiber cloth cleaning products, and our specialists will help you optimize your supply chain.

Get a Quote on these Microfiber Cloth Cleaning Products

Whether your clients need soft, efficient towels for everyday use or something bigger and thicker for more serious cleaning jobs, you can connect with one of our specialists and get a quote on everything you need today.