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SaniWorks® Scrub Towels

  • Construction: SaniWorks® Scrub Towels are crafted from a blend of Polyester and Rayon, making them a robust and resilient cleaning tool in demanding environments.
  • Durability and Scrubbing Power: SaniWorks® Scrub Towels’ superior durability with exceptional scrub strength makes them ideal for tackling stubborn residues in commercial kitchens.
  • Effective Against Tough Grime: SaniWorks® Scrub Towels’ robust build makes them particularly effective in removing heavy grease and grime, a common challenge in food preparation areas. They are excellent for cleaning everything from commercial kitchen equipment to pots and pans that endure heavy use.
  • Designed for Reuse, Priced for Disposal: While sturdy enough to be reused multiple times, SaniWorks® Scrub Towels’ cost-effective pricing allows for disposal when they are too filthy, supporting hygiene standards in food service settings.

Use Cases in the Foodservice Industry:

  1. Cleaning Cooking Equipment: Ideal for scrubbing grills, stovetops, and ovens where grease build-up is common.
  2. Pot and Pan Cleaning: Effective in removing burnt food and grease from cooking vessels without damaging the surface.
  3. Surface Wiping: Useful for wiping down counters and prep tables to maintain cleanliness and hygiene.
  4. General Cleaning: Versatile for general cleaning tasks throughout the kitchen, including floors and walls where tough grime may accumulate.
SaniWorks® Scrub Towels - OrangeN-FDNFBO200/case