SaniWorks® Open Weave Deluxe Towels

SaniWorks® Open Weave Deluxe Towels, tailored for the foodservice industry, are versatile in their applications:

    1. Kitchen Use: Their textured, waffle-weave construction is ideal for cleaning kitchenware. These towels efficiently scrub pots, pans, and utensils, easily rinsing clean and quickly drying thanks to their large apertures. They are also more effective at releasing stains than traditional cloth, making them a kitchen essential.
    2. Bar Application: The towels’ waffle-weave texture is perfect for cleaning bar surfaces and glassware, ensuring no lint or residue is left behind. Their quick-drying feature is handy in the fast-paced bar environment.
    3. Dining Area Cleaning: These towels are excellent for efficiently wiping down tables and countertops absorbing spills and debris. Their design prevents the transfer of stains from one surface to another, maintaining a clean and hygienic dining area.
    4. Lobby and Other Common Areas: Implementing these towels in a color-coded system helps reduce cross-contamination across different restaurant areas, such as the lobby, restrooms, and dining spaces.
    5. Cost-Effectiveness and Sustainability: These towels offer an economical cleaning solution, designed for 5-7 days of reuse but priced as disposables. They are 40% more cost-effective compared to cotton and pre-saturated towels. Additionally, their superior quat release capability, 150% greater than cotton towels, ensures more effective surface sanitation, aligning with high cleanliness standards.
SaniWorks® Open Weave Deluxe Towels - YellowN-F220QCY150/case