SaniWorks® Bar Mop Replacement Towels

SaniWorks® Bar Mop Replacement Towels – an essential addition to any food service establishment’s cleaning supplies. These towels are precisely crafted from premium spunlace material and reinforced with nylon yarn stitching. Replacement Bar Mops were developed to provide unmatched strength and durability in busy kitchen environments. Their exceptional absorbency and low lint properties make them ideal for maintaining spotless surfaces, which is crucial in food preparation and serving areas. Make a smart choice for your restaurant or cafe with SaniWorks® Bar Mop Replacement towels, and see the remarkable improvement in your cleaning efficiency.

Foodservice Applications:

  • Resistant to breakdown from frequent use with bleach, quat sanitizers, or detergents, unlike standard cloth towels, ensuring longevity in fast-paced kitchens.
  • Superior strength and absorbency make them perfect for cleaning up spills and wiping down surfaces in high-traffic dining and cooking areas.
  • Produce much less lint than traditional cloth towels, reducing the risk of contamination in food preparation zones.
  • Proven to be more cost-effective over time, with the lowest cost in use over the towel’s lifespan, beneficial for budget-conscious foodservice operations.
  • Guaranteed at least 30% savings in towel-to-towel costs, offering financial efficiency for your establishment.
  • With a cloth-like feel that enhances with use, these towels can be cleaned and reused over 100 times, supporting environmentally friendly practices in foodservice settings.
  • Constructed from spunlace material and stitched with nylon yarn, they are designed to withstand the rigorous demands of any restaurant, café, or catering service.


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