American-Made Hotel Towel Liquidation Sale

Irregular Resort Towel Liquidation Banner

Monarch Brands has purchased 111,500 white irregular bath towels ranging from 15lbs to 18lbs per dozen. These towels were made in the USA for a global resort chain. They contain slight irregulars so are deeply discounted.

  • Soft, bright white, made for higher end hotels
  • Stripe Check & Chevron Dobby Borders
  • Carton Packed (36 pcs/case)
  • 27 x 54 Bath Towel
  • 16 x 27 Hand Towel

Note: As these towels contain slight imperfectionsimgres.png the label has been cut out. We will provide a UPC sticker if required.

Please Call (800) 333-7257 or contact us for samples and pricing.


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