Is there a difference between wholesale white towels?

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Yes, and picking the right textiles for the right situation will determine how successful your linen program is.

We stock 11 white wholesale towel lines, with multiple weights of bath towels, hand towels, and washcloths within each product line. We’re not boasting. Every wholesale towel line has been brought into our catalog at our clients’ request. No single towel checks every box for every customer and the three most common attributes for towel selection are:

  • Budget – Pretty straightforward, what is the maximum budget have you assigned towards ongoing textile purchasing?
  • Aesthetics – How vital is softness, brightness, absorbency to you? Are operating a high-end luxury resort, motel, campsite, or a federal facility?
  • Durability – If you operate in a high linen-loss environment durability may not be a chief concern. However, if you plan to work the textiles harder, you will need a stronger alternative.

Every contributing factor is further complicated by manufacturing considerations. The weight of the towel determines how plush it feels. The yarn construction (ring spun vs. open end) is a factor that helps determine the strength. For example, ring spun cotton yarn is more expensive, made from long staple cotton, and thin enough to be wound like a suspension bridge cable to create strength. The makeup of the towel 100% cotton vs cotton/poly blend is determined by the color of the towel, longevity, and guest perception. Shipping carton vs. bale also contributes to the decision. Carton-packed towels are more expensive. However, they are guest-ready so avoid the initial wash-cycle (alleviating laundry bottlenecks). Bale packed towels will need washing before use as they are compressed for freight efficiency. We sell the same towel lines (Pearl & Apollo) both ways because customers have asked for them both ways.

Visit our Towel FAQ for more details.  Once you understand some of the construction issues, you may:

Pick Two Attributes

We live in a resource-constrained world which means you’re going to have to make some decisions. Allow us to demonstrate:

  • Cheap & Soft – Not So Durable. This towel may not be the most durable, made from 100% cheaper open-end cotton which doesn’t hold up to as many washes.
  • Durable & Soft – Not So Cheap. The best guest towels are heavy, durable, and soft. Made from 100% premium cotton with fancy borders, double hemmed for durability.
  • Cheap & Durable – Not So Soft. Low-pile lighter towels made with a poly/cotton blend for prisons, and federal facilities, these towels get the job done… but just about all they will do.

The best way to figure out what you need is to allow us to understand where you’re coming from, and make recommendations. We have done it for major institutional catalog companies and small linen rental facilities. Start by picking up the phone and contacting us 215 447-7125.


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