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Monarch Brands Washcloth Donation Program

Monarch Brands have partnered with International Aid to help reduce the cost of getting hygiene kits to displaced victims of natural disasters and impoverished regions of the United States.

Monarch Brands Washcloth Donation Program

Hygiene kits are one of the most requested items from International Aid’s partners in the field. After Hurricane Maria, several cities on the island formulated a needs list of things that organizations could view and put together to help with the disaster response.

Monarch Brands Washcloth Donation Program

Being able to get and keep clean in the aftermath of disasters–whether hurricane, flood, earthquake, volcano, tornado– is significant as a frontline of defense against the spread of illness and disease, and really makes a person feel human again.

International Aid uses our Kit Initiative to engage local communities as people naturally want to “do something” to help in response to disasters. In this way, we can target their efforts into something very useful and effective. The personal care items in the kits can last a family up to a month, and we provide them with this product to maintain better health through their recovery of the disaster and provide them with one less thing to think about as they begin to rebuild their lives from the disasters they’ve encountered.

Monarch Brands Washcloth Donation Program

Monarch Brands is proud to donate one washcloth for every washcloth purchased. In 2018, International Aid will pack 100,000 kits for distribution to families in need in the western U.S. that reside on Native American reservations to address poor health that results from rampant poverty.
Since January 1st, 2018 over 65,000 hygiene kits have been packed and distributed.

There are many ways to help. Follow this link to learn more about how you can get engaged.


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