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These bar mops are perfect for wipe-and-toss in heavily soiled environments. Minor weaving defects such as over-stitching or imperfect cuts reject perfectly good wiping tools from circulation. We buy these at a deep discount and pass the savings on to you.

These bar mops are made with recycled yarn so will grey and have a dingy appearance quickly.

  • Packed: 100 doz/bale.
31oz White Ribbed
$2.45 per doz


22oz 14″ x17″
$1.75 per doz


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When bar mop production runs are over and inspections have been completed, mills may still have excess yarn, and a running loom. Run Of Mill (ROM) bar mops contain every bar mop that comes off the loom after the first quality run has been finalized, so are more economical than Grade A1 bar mops.

  • Flat packed 100 doz/bale.
  • Ideal for high loss environments.
32oz 10/S Yarn
$2.70 per doz
  • Blue Center Stripe ROM-B32
  • Gold Center Stripe ROM-G32
  • Green Center Stripe ROM-GR32
28oz White
$2.35 per doz


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Route Ready bar mops are optically white and packed in bags of 25 so you never have to pre-wash or recount them prior to use. Typically, laundries save at least 70¢ per dozen by freeing washroom and finishing floor operators from a whole wash cycle, you gain production time to focus on other laundry room bottlenecks.

  • Folded 25/poly, soft bale pack.
  • Bright white, durable, woven labels.
  • Private Label Upon Request
32oz Bright White 12/S Yarn
$3.25 per doz
  • Blue Center Stripe RR-B32
  • Gold Center Stripe RR-G32
  • Green Center Stripe RR-GN32
28oz White
$2.95 per doz

Looking For A Great POP Display Item?

qwick wick 12 terry towels

Our most popular lines of bar mops are now available in attractive retail packaging so you are ready for online sales, walk-in impulse buys, and premium route-ready customers. We think about what your customers are looking for, so you don’t have to.


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