Do your customers need more cleaning supplies due to COVID-19?

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COVID-19 has elevated the need for cleaning supplies and many suppliers are running out of stock or engaging in price-gauging practices. In times of national emergency Monarch Brands ramps up production and logistics without raising prices. We’ve been at this a while, selling wholesale rags for over 70 years, and bulk microfiber mops and cloths for over a decade.

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Since moving to our new facility, we’ve invested in several upgrades to ensure you get what you need when you need it. Meet our newest additions Norcom Road.

Meet Annie. 

Annie has quadrupled output while handling the heavy lifting. Bales of bulk rags enter a hopper, where through a system of teeth and conveyor belts, the material separates. We pass all rags through a pneumatic metal detector, which removes all metal and hard detritus. Once passed inspection, rags drop into predetermined box sizes, to be digitally weighed, then sealed and placed on a pallet. Another machine weighs and wraps the pallet for shipping. Employees oversee the production without being placed in ergonomically hazardous conditions.

Meet Our Wrapper.

We take the chance of failure out of every pallet we ship by tightly wrapping the contents to ensure your products arrive safely, in one piece. The machine also weighs pallets to guarantee DIM weight transparency when fulfilling via third party carriers.

Meet Fred.

Fred 2500 is an automated productivity powerhouse. Fred follows a magnetic tape ‘track’ set in the warehouse floor to transport bulk rags and microfiber from production to the dock. Fred eliminates the bottleneck created when workers wait on forklift drivers to transport pallets. Furthermore, forklift operators are free to focus on picking pallets from our three-story rollback racks. Fred can handle 2,500lbs and tow up to 5000lbs in one trip (the equivalent of 5 forklift trips). Fred is very safety conscious, moving at walking pace and stopping whenever foreign objects cross the track.

Meet Scanforce.

Our state-of-the-art inventory scanning software enables us to store any product anywhere and know precisely how many units we have in each bin location. Whether we ship one dozen towels to our customers’ customers or pack a container of mixed SKUs for delivery abroad, Scanforce never misses a beat.


We’re Ready

We have stockpiles of cleaning rags & microfiber and have invested in several upgrades to ensure you get what you need, in a hurry, without worrying about price-gauging.

(866) 412-4414


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