Switching Gears. Sourcing PPE as well as Wholesale Microfiber.

As the saying goes, when life gives you lemons, source PPE as well as your regular wholesale microfiber and rags.

You can’t turn on any news channel or talk show without masks and all other PPE supplies at the forefront of the conversation. Many cut and sew operations are now fulltime EVS manufacturers. Those who can make masks at home craft exotic COVID fashion statements. My wife, a pattern maker for a resort-wear apparel company, sewed hundreds of masks out of bright floral fabric to donate to hospitals. Our friend works for a global security and aerospace company. They told me that masks their procurement team sourced for essential defense workers were ‘requisitioned’ by the government as soon as they arrived in port.

Scientists believe that social distancing in hard-hit regions should remain the norm for several more weeks (at least in stores and public areas). Many predict that the virus will come back with a vengeance in the Fall (see Spanish Flu for details).

So… masks are here to stay, and the more people sourcing masks, the faster we can get them into the hands of the essential workforce. Our sourcing team has selected three offerings to be airfreighted to the US in the first week of May. We will continue to import PPE while looking for additional products as long as there is a need.

Please review the offering below and contact us for a specification sheet containing packing information and certifications. Please pre-order through your rep, contact us by phone (866) 412-4414, or fill out our contact form.
3-ply blue mask

Level 1 3-Ply Disposable Masks

  • 50 Pieces/Box
  • 40 Boxes/Case
KN95 White mask

KN95 Disposable Masks

  • 20 Pieces/Box
  • 50 Boxes/Case
  • ITEM#: MASK-KN95
Face shield

Direct Splash Protection Face Shield

  • 100 Pieces/Case
  • ITEM#: FS-100PC

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