Which is the best microfiber towel for the job

People who clean professionally may not know the scientific reasons that make microfiber cloths so good, but they will tell you that it is a truly versatile fabric. Unlike traditional cotton cloths, which tend to move dirt around on surfaces rather than lift it, microfiber towels trap dirt, bacteria, and chemicals. While the cloth construction is innovative in its “dirt-grabbing” capabilities, it serves another purpose. The textured thread is produced by splitting the microfiber yarn. The yarn is literally cracked up-to ten times while remaining whole. It gives the cloth a positive charge. Dirt has a negative charge, so detritus is attracted to the cloth. Care instructions for microfiber cloth explicitly say not to use fabric softener or bleach, and to dry on low heat. Fabric softener and bleach release the positive charge. Excessive heat will melt the tiny cracked fibers into one whole fiber again which inhibits the effectiveness of the microfiber cloth.

Career janitorial workers know that one of the microfiber cloth’s critical benefits is that microfiber is equally efficient for dry dusting as wet wiping — two tasks with very different cleaning challenges.

Dry Dusting

Dry dusting is the first step in professional cleaning. Starting at the top of the walls and working toward the floor with dry microfiber towels eliminates falling particles during the subsequent cleaning phases. There is no need for chemical sprays to attract the dust, thanks to microfiber’s unique properties. Not only does this save money on supplies, but it also saves time by eliminating extra steps.

Wet Wiping

Wet wiping is the next step in professional cleaning. One can wipe small marks and smudges on walls and surfaces with a damp microfiber cloth, and there is no need for cleaning agents at all. A minimal amount of water and a little “elbow grease” is enough to clean fingerprints and minor dirt spots or smudges. Microfiber wall washing cloths are the product of choice for this task.

SilverSure Antimicrobial Treated Cloths

SilverSure™ Microfiber Cloths Treated with Antimicrobial Technology.

While microfiber hand towels are great at removing bacteria, SilverSure antimicrobial treated microfiber cloths take it a step further. Treated with Silvadur™, a patented antimicrobial inhibiting process that uses silver ions, SilverSure™ prevents microorganisms from actually growing on cloths and has been tested to be 99.5% effective even after 50 washes. Cloths stay fresh longer by preventing odor-causing bacteria and fungi from accumulating. Healthcare and busy hospitality environments are prime candidates for SilverSure™ microfiber with Silvadur™.

All-Purpose Microfiber

Microfiber towels differ by weight, denoted as GSM or grams per square meter. The higher the GSM measurement, the more dense the microfiber fabric is. All-purpose microfiber cloths typically range in weight from 18 grams to 49 grams. They are available in a dozen different colors allowing the user to designate specific colors for specific jobs and avoid cross-contamination. This all-purpose towel is super versatile for its size, weight, and color choices. All-purpose microfiber is the right choice for any buyer trying microfiber for the first time who wants a general idea of its abilities.

Microfiber Cloth - 16x16 - 49 gram

Glass Cloths

Glass needs special care to avoid scratching, and there are many microfiber cloths designed to handle varying degrees of intensity in wiping and cleaning. Special lint-free microfiber cloths with different finishes, including suede, shiny, and waffle weave, have been explicitly developed for window and glass cleaning and polishing.

Microfiber Suede Window Cloths used to clean mirror

Suede Glass Cloth

For delicate cleaning and polishing applications, a suede microfiber window cloth is an excellent choice. Use this 38 gsm cloth wet or dry, and don’t worry about leaving lint on your glass. It is lint-free and robust enough for up to 500 washings. Suede cloths double as polishing cloths for any hard surface that needs a streak-free shine.

Shiny Gold Glass Cloth being used to wipe windown

Shiny Glass Cloth
The smooth finish of our shiny microfiber glass cloths easily removes streaks. Regular rinsing quickly releases dirt, and users can be confident that no tiny particles will get stuck in the fabric that may scratch a slick surface. At 44 grams, our shiny microfiber glass cloth is a perfect choice for all types of glass — windows, mirrors, phone & computer screens.

Green Waffle Microfiber Hand Towels used to clean counter

Waffle Weave Glass Cloth

A close cousin of the shiny cloth is our 55 gsm microfiber waffle cloth. This cloth is for glass or slick surfaces that may require a little pressure to remove heavier marks. A waffle texture woven into the smooth fabric gives it an abrasive finish, perfect for tougher wiping while still allowing for a streak-free finish. Dirt gets trapped inside the waffle design during cleaning but rinses out entirely.

SmartRags™ Microfiber Dispenser Box

One of the most convenient microfiber products is SmartRags™, a compact dispenser box of fifty 12″x12″ microfiber cloths with precision cut seamless edges. Unique packaging mimics a tissue box on steroids and enables the user to pull one cloth out after another conveniently. SmartRags™ cloths and dispenser boxes come in five colors for professional color-coded cleaning and fit neatly on a shelf, janitor cart, under the counter, or in a route truck. SmartRags™ boxes are a cost-conscious microfiber product for all-purpose cleaning, making it a perfect solution in high-loss environments. These washable, reusable cloths are ideal for general contractors, auto body shops, workshops, kitchens, and even home

and office!

SmartRags in closet
SmartEdge Microfiber Group

SmartEdge™ Seamless Microfiber

SmartEdge™ seamless microfiber detailing cloths have a laser sealed edge, eliminating any rough hemmed edges for projects like auto detailing or cleaning delicate surfaces where you want to avoid scratching. These are less expensive than your traditional Microfiber cloths as the costly hemming process is eliminated in production.

Microfiber Hand Towels

For gyms, country clubs, dance studios, and sports facilities, nothing beats microfiber hand towels for personal use for members and participants. The most absorbent towel we offer, this towel dries very quickly. The EPA has found that microfiber towels eliminate 94% of bacteria from surfaces like gym equipment, lockers, and countertops in community facilities. With a larger surface area of 16″ x 27″ for heavy-duty cleaning in high humidity, perspiration-heavy areas. Throw one over your shoulder and go work out!


There is a microfiber cloth for every task. Contact Joe Olivo to help you educate your customers on the many varieties and benefits of task-specific microfiber products. Your customers will appreciate your expertise when they learn how to make smart microfiber choices that work for their unique cleaning demands.

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