What are the best reclaimed rags for your needs?

Your customer wants recycled rags. But what kind?

Monarch Brands has provided reclaimed or recycled rags to a multitude of industrial and janitorial businesses since 1950. Today we’re proud to be a source for industrial rags and high-quality cleaning products for our customers. Until recently, processing recycled rags was very time-consuming and physically difficult for workers. A few years ago we purchased specialized equipment to facilitate quick production and save our workers’ backs! This machinery enables us to redirect the most labor-intensive tasks to other important production projects.

For example, our beloved rag processing machine, “Annie,” has freed up hundreds of staff hours while quadrupling production by quickly and easily separating bales of tightly compressed recycled bulk rags to be boxed for shipping. This also enabled us to be more competitive in the marketplace as we increased production.

Our reclaimed textiles program has grown exponentially with the help of machines like Annie. Processing more reclaimed textiles year over year has enabled us to increase our commitment to environmental conservation and the companies we serve while offering the most competitive prices we can.

50lb Pallet of Monarch Brands Best Rags

Our most popular recycled rags

Do you know how to advise your customers on the best recycled rags for their projects? Each of the rags we sell is preferred for different jobs. For example, some color rags release their dyes when used with certain chemicals. White cloths are colorfast and therefore won’t discolor a clean surface during polishing or staining, where some color cloths will. Some materials are lint-free or low-lint and used for pre-cleaning before painting or cleaning machinery for manufacturing. Medical cleaning tasks, due to the antiseptic nature of the industry, require new mill ends instead of reclaimed fabric. Your customers have many choices when buying rags and they can weigh the functionality and cost differences before buying as long as they have the facts. Check the list below to steer your customers toward the right option for you.

Monarch Brands Best Rags professional wipers

  • White Flannel (R-W80) Flannel rags are durable, very absorbent, soft, and will not release color on surfaces. Flannel absorbs well for grease & oil clean-ups and delicate cleaning and polishing applications.
  • White T-Shirt (R-W48) T-shirt Rags are low-lint all-purpose wiping, polishing, staining, and cleaning rags. White T-shirts also won’t release dyes onto surfaces as color cloths may.
  • White Sheeting (R1-W39) Sheeting rags are multi-purpose wipers. They are also low-linting and absorb water, oil, and grease well. With a nice low cost, you get more wipers per pound.
  • White Terry (R-W50) Terry rags are soft and thick, absorbent, and work well for medium to massive clean-ups. White rags are also colorfast.
  • Color T-Shirt Material (R-C45) As one of our most popular low-linting wipers, color t-shirt rags are multi-purpose and economical. Use them for oil, grease, water absorption. Color rags may not be colorfast.
  • Color Sweatshirt Material (R-C13) As expected, sweatshirt material rags are soft, bulky, and very absorbent — a good option for heavy-duty clean-ups. Color rags may not be colorfast.
  • Color Flannel (R-C12) Flannel rags are durable, very absorbent, and soft. They absorb grease and oil quickly and easily. Color rags may not be colorfast.
  • Color Terry Wiper (R-C54) Color Terry rags are soft, thick, absorbent, and work well for medium to heavy clean-ups. Color rags may not be colorfast.

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Environmentally Responsible Buy-Back Program

For our customers in the hospitality industry, we offer a textiles buy-back program to help them offset some of the costs of towels, linens, tablecloths, and napkins that no longer meet quality standards.

The Monarch Brands Buy-Back Program makes it easy to recycle textiles with an added incentive of earning credits toward new microfiber products. The steps are easy:

  1. Collect – Customer saves linens in a heavy-duty tote bag provided by Monarch Brands.
  2. Ship – Customer calls Monarch Brands for a pick-up at their location.
  3. Weigh – We sort your shipment to evaluate the quality and weight of the discards.
  4. Save – We issue you a credit toward your next purchase.

Recycle – We clean and cut textiles into more recycled rags.

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Monarch Brands – Your source for reclaimed and recycled rags

If your customers need recycled wiping rags, new wiping cloths, microfiber, or other textiles, Monarch Brands can help you help them. We are proud to be the first and best source for our customers. Get in touch with Account Manager, Lucy Bauccio to determine the right product for your customers at the very best value.

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Plastic bag on pallet filled with rags

Author: Lucy Bauccio
Title: Account Executive, Monarch Brands
Phone: (267) 238-1643
Email: [email protected]


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