Commercial laundry direct-to-customer cleaning products boost sales and create one-stop shops for their customers.

Increasing Route Profitability

When working with commercial laundries, my customer’s first question is always, “How can our company be more valuable to our customer?” My answer is often to add direct sales of additional commercial cleaning products.

Today more than ever, commercial laundries offer catalogs both online and on their route trucks to current customers. Route trucks carrying valuable add-on cleaning, foodservice, and office supplies to be delivered weekly, alongside their regular professionally laundered items, stand to increase sales week over week.

A Common Problem

Many distributors service restaurant chains that have freshly laundered mats delivered each week but use an old mop and bucket system that they store in the closet next to the kitchen. Appearance matters to patrons. They notice unsanitary conditions and make mental notes, and the floor is one of the first things customers will see upon entering your business. Are they pristine and shiny, or are they dull and streaky? Dirty floors are immediately apparent and give customers a negative first impression.

A Profit-Driven Solution

An experienced route driver may suggest a simple on-hand solution that can be implemented quickly. The Easy-Flo Bucketless Mop System solves a few noticeable commercial cleaning problems — eliminating the reuse of contaminated bucket water for mopping and eliminating the need for storage space by replacing the large bucket and mop with a streamlined mopping system. Drivers who make this suggestion during daily deliveries benefit from a nice boost in add-on sales with an opportunity for repeat mop pad sales.

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Easy Add-On Cleaning Supplies For Direct Sale

Commercial Laundries are already providing the weekly mat rental, towels, uniforms, restroom supplies, and more. Consider weekly deliveries an opportunity to make a mini-sales presentation. Educate route drivers about the value of these commercial add-on products and watch sales grow.


Group of SmartRags

SmartRags® come in convenient dispensing boxes that fit cleaning carts and supply closets perfectly. SmartRags are the deal cleaning solution for use front of house AND back of house spot cleaning. Customers should keep at least three colors on hand to mitigate cross-contamination. Try using red for bathrooms, blue for general areas, and green for the kitchen.

EasyFlo Bucketless Mop System


A complete start-up kit in 1 box — Easy-Flo dispensing mop and pole with frame and microfiber cleaning pads. We offer replacement pads separately in an array of colors for use in separate areas to prevent cross-contamination.

Microfiber Flat Wet Mops

Microfiber Flat Wet Mop

A JanSan staple item — perfect for hard surface dirt removal before polishing. Microfiber mops replace the old traditional cotton mop and dirty water bucket. The system is lightweight, uses less water and chemicals, and is more pleasing to guests when used during foodservice operations.

Microfiber Flat Wet Mops

Fringed Dust Mops with Hook and Loop Backing

Perfect for quick sweeps throughout the day to keep up with traffic, microfiber dust mops quickly catch and trap dust and debris generated by walk-in traffic. We carry both canvas-backed ‘keyhole’ dust mops and hook & loop dust mops that work perfectly with your existing mop system. Customers may choose them to work with the EasyFlo mop to save on hardware needed.

Route Driver Pop Sales Truck

Offer these valuable JanSan product add-ons to restaurants, hotels, car dealerships, healthcare facilities, salons, spas, gyms — all of your route businesses — and watch your sales grow.

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