What Are the Best Kind of Cloths for Your Hospitality Business?

Businesses in the hospitality industry must ensure guest safety. Monarch Brands supplies necessary cleaning and hospitality products, including wholesale microfiber cloths. Here is what you should know when searching for the right microfiber cloths for your hospitality business.

Why Use Microfiber?

Hospitality businesses receive countless patrons, and each guest has specific cleanliness expectations. Monard Brands’ microfiber cloths retain unique fabric durability and construction and can withstand repeated washes. Using these cleaning materials ensures thorough sanitization and can help all guests enjoy their stay.

Best Cleaning Option

Microfiber cloths are created from a blend of synthetic materials like split fibers and varying levels of polyester and polyamide fabrics. These qualities make them better suited for cleaning than simple standard cloths. The fabric construction of split and intertwined fibers increases how well the microfiber cloths can retain and eliminate debris like surface bacteria.

These fabrics are an economical choice for industries that require regular and ongoing cleaning maintenance. Monarch Brands packages wholesale microfiber cloths by the dozen, making them a great option for hospitality industries. Our bulk packaging can help you reduce or eliminate any cleaning-related waste, such as paper products or chemical cleaners.

Address Different Cleaning Needs

Hospitality businesses require specific cleaning tools. Surfaces like walls and ceilings as well as counters and shelves quickly gather dust. Microfiber cloths are a suitable lint-free cleaning option. These towels effortlessly capture and remove any unwanted debris that could hinder a guest’s experience. 

Our microfiber cloths are also a perfect fit for glass, as they minimize any chance of streak or scratch marks. Such products help maintain the quality of your business for patrons and employees alike.

Spaces That Require Microfiber Cloths

Hotels facilitate clients in spaces such as waiting rooms and guest rooms. Each space will have varying cleaning requirements. Monarch Brands is prepared to help all hospitality businesses reach their cleanliness potential through our microfiber cloths. 

Waiting Areas

Hotel waiting areas are composed of reception desks, seating areas, and windows. Using Monarch Brands’ wholesale microfiber cloths means you can potentially increase patron satisfaction. 

The cloths’ ability to gather, retain, and eliminate surface bacteria means all seating and reception areas will be clean. All windows will have an even greater shine and any surface used to serve refreshments will be thoroughly decontaminated.

Guest Rooms and Bathrooms

Hotel guest rooms feature a bed and bathroom as well as seating spaces, windows, and other surfaces. Using microfiber cloths in these rooms will reduce any cross-contamination from one patron to another.

Many of Monarch Brands’ wholesale microfiber cloths are treated with antimicrobial products. Such properties help inhibit the growth of bacteria within the cloth’s fabric. These cloths are more hygienic and better suited for spaces that see heavy use and require substantial cleanings, such as toilets and showers. 

Fragile and Delicate Decor

Hospitality businesses must maintain all decor. Monarch Brands’ wholesale microfiber cloths are a perfect fit for such items. Our cloths are suitable for anything that requires precision cleaning. They also work for any decor that needs minimal chemical cleaner exposure.

What Options Does Monarch Brands Provide?

Monarch Brands offers several wholesale microfiber cloth options. Depending on your needs, you may choose one or more of the following:

Glass Microfiber Cloths: Glass microfiber cloths are a hospitality service must-have. Their smooth texture makes them the right fit for any glass surface. Hotels can use glass microfiber cloths for windows as well as bedrooms, waiting rooms, guest amenities, and bathrooms.

Hemmed Microfiber Cloths: Monarch Brands’ hemmed cloths are the perfect choice for all general-purpose cleaning. They are lint-free and can be washed hundreds of times.

Suede Microfiber Cloths: Suede cloths are a suitable cleaning alternative. Their polishing and cleaning properties provide a streak-free shine for delicate surfaces. These cloths are easy to clean and reuse.

Waffle Microfiber Cloths: Some cleaning requires more abrasive measures. Our waffle microfiber cloths work for heavier soils and can be used wet or dry. They also come in multiple colors. This will help hospitality businesses avoid any cross-contamination.

Wall Washing Microfiber Cloths: Wall dust and grime often go unnoticed. Monarch Brands provides oversized microfiber cloths for wall washing — an ideal cleaning solution for these large surface areas. 

Your patrons may also enjoy Monarch Brands’ wholesale microfiber towels. Our hand towels and bleach safe towels can be placed in any guest room or gym. Both options are durable, absorbent, and can withstand repeated washes.  

Premium Wholesale Microfiber Cloths Provider

Monarch Brands is a professional supplier of cleaning, hospitality, and foodservice products. Our wholesale microfiber cloths will help those in the hospitality industry keep their businesses safe and sanitary for all patrons and employees. 

Contact Monarch Brands today to get a quote on any of our wholesale microfiber cloths. We can help you determine what cloth will best suit your hospitality business’s needs.


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