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Selling Spun-Poly Napkins for Seasonal Celebrations

Are You Selling Spun-Poly Napkins this Season?

Whether your customers want to recreate an Americana-style holiday buffet station for their restaurant or a French bistro-inspired New Year’s brunch, our Mariposa collection of spun-poly napkins can bring their look to life.

Seasonal Spun-Poly Napkins

Seasonal holidays provide an opportunity for restaurants to redecorate with a seasonal color palette using table linens and napery. As the fall and winter holidays approach, we can easily imagine the colors of each celebration. Popular colors for American winter holidays in the Northeast are warm yellows, oranges, and reds evoking thoughts of leaves, gourds, and pumpkins. Christmas and Hanukkah bring reds, greens, and deep blues, while the southeast Asian celebration of Diwali, known as the Festival of Lights, evokes all the colors of the rainbow. New Year’s Eve parties call for formal black and white, while football season and sporting events are anybody’s guess. (Here, in Philadelphia, “Eagles green” dominates.)

Here are some Holidays and festivities you may want to coordinate your wholesale napkins and table linens with for a more festive touch:

  • Diwali – Yellow, Gold, Orange, Red, Green 
  • Halloween – Orange, Black
  • Thanksgiving – Gold, Orange, Burgundy, Brown
  • Hanukah – Blue, White
  • Christmas – Red, Green
  • New Year’s Eve – Black, Gray, White
  • Football Parties – Team Colors 
  • Weddings – All Colors
  • Birthdays – All Colors

Spun-Poly Napkins and Tablecloths

Tablecloths create a canvas for the decorative colors that each holiday table calls for. A white tablecloth for daytime events like baby showers and birthdays or casual cafes topped with multicolor folded napkins makes for a joyful presentation. Less casual events may require a black tablecloth with pops of color provided by bold, colorful napkins. Truly formal affairs demand a sophisticated black-and-white textile palette. Monarch Brands carries black and white tablecloths in popular sizes.

Take advantage of our deep stock positions in time for holiday orders!

Commercial Laundries and Linen Supply

Staff may get creative with color mixing and layering for a festive effect that gives patrons an unexpected surprise. Many restaurants choose to use a commercial laundry service, meaning they can “rent” table linens of various colors and change up their look without committing to a huge purchase of seasonal colors. Using a linen service also means the responsibility of maintaining inventory and laundering textiles lands on the service, not the restaurant. Laundry services save time and money in an already fast-paced industry.

Bistro And Solid Napkins

With two design styles of napkins to choose from, casual and formal presentations are possible.

Our Mariposa brand styles include solid color and white bistro styles. Our 18″x22″ spun-poly bistro napkins are premium quality yarn-dyed and absorbent with a center stripe. These tough napkins offer great soil and stain release. Available in 11 color combinations, the bistro stripe napkin is a perfect choice for cafes, pubs, and catered events.

20″x20″ solid color spun-poly napkins are available in 11 bold colors to enhance the holiday ambiance at any restaurant, cafe, hotel, or event. Both styles are pre-cut with strong hemmed edges and provide ample surface area. Bistro napkins bring a European flair and a “pop of color” to any place setting — especially during the seasonal holidays!

Our Mariposa collection will soon have two new colors.

Place your holiday orders now!

Interesting Table Linen Facts: 

  • 75% of US consumers associate tables set with cloth with better quality food
  • The average US consumer uses 3 paper napkins per meal compared to 1 cloth napkin
  • Spun-poly is so strong because it is made from premium “spun filament” or super-fine plastic 
  • If every us consumer used 1 less paper towel per day, we could save 571,230,000 pounds of paper towel waste per year

Turn to Monarch Brands to help customers achieve the holiday ambiance they desire through table linens.

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